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In the US, there are roughly 2 million adults suffering from gambling addiction. There are also around 4 million people suffering from moderate gambling issues.

This shows that problem gambling in the US can cause some serious problems for individuals. It can affect families, communities, and finances, and it does lots of harm. Men are more likely to suffer from gambling problems, but women who get into gambling are more likely to progress with gambling disorders quickly. 

It is often the case that those individuals with mental disorders are more likely to become addicted to gambling. Unfortunately, the suicide rate amongst addicted gamblers is very high and is another issue within the US.

As the role of online gambling has increased greatly over the last decade, addiction has increased, too. The online gambling industry brought in a whopping $66 billion in 2020 and is continuing to grow. The economic costs of problem gambling include bankruptcy, criminal activity, and job loss. 

These types of costs cost the US $7 billion every year, which has an impact on the country’s economy. Self-exclusion is a proactive measure that allows gamblers to ban themselves from gambling online, even though in the UK, gamblers know how to bypass self-exclusion by joining British sportsbooks not on GamStop or crypto casinos. Anyway, such a program removes temptation from players to make it as easy as possible to stop gambling and seems to work well for many players prone to addiction. 

As gambling has increased and looks to keep increasing over the coming years, methods to prevent gambling addiction are important. These problems have a long reach; they affect family members, communities, and even economies. 

Methods of dealing with problem gambling

The first thing gamblers need to consider is education. It is vital to understand the risks that come with gambling and recognize the signs of problem gambling.

Setting limits is a good way to deal with problem gambling. Players can set deposit limits which allows them to keep track of their spending. Another method of avoiding problem gambling is to find a new hobby. By engaging your mind in a new activity you will not have such strong gambling urges. 

Casinos can assist players with helplines like the National Council on Gambling Helpline. There is also Gambler’s Anonymous which is a 12 step program which offers support through literature and meetings. Gam-Anon is a way friends and family members can support problem gamblers.

Problem gambling is a serious issue but there are ways to help others who are suffering from it. Using financial controls, seeking help and being more mindful there are solutions.

Casinos can play a big role in promoting responsible gambling practices through policies, training, and collaborations with support organizations. With the correct support, gambling addiction can be overcome. These are some methods to fight back and gain control over this problem. Once you gain control of your gambling habits, you will see big improvements in your day-to-day life. 

The importance of self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is a program that allows gamblers to ban themselves from accessing gambling websites or establishments for a certain time period. It is a gambling tool to assist those who are struggling with gambling addiction.

Self-exclusion works by allowing individuals to enroll in a program by visiting an online casino. There are options for a 6-month self-exclusion to a year; this is a short-term self-exclusion. There is also a medium term, which is between 1 to 5 years of self-exclusion or a lifetime ban, which means an individual can not return to gambling platforms. 

Once a player has enrolled the details of the player are added to the database and shared with gambling operators on the self-exclusion list. The sites on the list are required to deny access to players on the self-exclusion list; this includes marketing communications and blocking online accounts.

In some jurisdictions, a self-excluded gambler who attempts to gain access to a casino site will be charged with trespassing. Any winnings made during a self-exclusion period are often forfeited. 

There are lots of benefits that come with self-exclusion, including refusal of access to gambling platforms. By enrolling in a self-exclusion program, players are already acknowledging that they have a problem and are committing to change. Through a self-exclusion program gamblers also gain support in the form of counselling, resources and helplines.


There is little doubt that self-exclusion programs assist players to gamble with responsible measures. It is a clever method that is always available for players who feel they are out of control with their gambling habits.

Once you enrol in a self-exclusion program, you will be refused access to gambling websites online. This will force you to find new hobbies, allowing you to take your mind away from gambling and all the news about it.

Studies have shown that self-exclusion can be an effective tool to assist problem gamblers. It has been reported that program participants have seen an improvement in their mental health and overall well-being.

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