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Payment solutions provider Neosurf, led by experienced sales veteran Sue Page, has ambitious plans to break into the North American market.

Sue sat down to discuss her new role as Neosurf’s CEO North America, explaining how the company’s upcoming product launches and a solution tailored specifically for US sports bettors will streamline the payment experience for those across North America.

NEXT: Congratulations on your new role. Now you’ve taken the reins, what are your immediate priorities in terms of positioning the brand in the region?

SP: Focusing on our product launch. The last couple of years have been about getting the framework we needed in place and doing our research and due diligence.

I am confident in the partnerships we have built thus far. We will now move into launch mode. It’s exciting for us as a team as our US product will be a little different to our existing one; one of the reasons for that is our commitment to responsible gaming and bringing the core principles of RG into our digital wallet.

NEXT: And your long-term goals?

SP: The vision is to establish Neosurf as a trusted and innovative partner, known for our safe, simple, secure payment solutions.

We will continue to cultivate meaningful relationships with regulators, in the hope that we can contribute to the development of robust frameworks and industry standards, and that includes RG.

NEXT: What’s the key message you want to get across to North American customers? What are the main benefits that using Neosurf can provide them with and why do you think there’s such a space for the service you offer in the market?

SP: At Neosurf, we specialize in facilitating cash-to-digital payments and offering a digital wallet platform that operates independently from traditional card schemes or banking databases. The digital wallets will be at the forefront of our US offering.

Still, we believe that the cash player in the US is underserved and because of that operators are missing opportunities for player deposits, or worse, cash players are being driven towards illegal sites.

We know that around 20% of sports bettors prefer cash transactions for various reasons. Our message to these players is that Neosurf is a safe, secure, and simple-to-use option for them to utilize for all their sports betting activity, be that cash, card or direct deposit.

Using a voucher and digital wallet system, Neosurf ensures full compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

Every cash transaction goes via our wallet so is fully traceable and provides valuable data to assist operators in their AML practices, as well as in fulfilling their duty of care for responsible gaming and social responsibility.

NEXT: What do you think will be the biggest challenges Neosurf faces when launching in the US? Having already grown successfully in the UK and Europe, are there any key takeaways that you think will help the launch go more smoothly or any things that you’d like to do differently this time?

SP: As a Brit living in the US for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen many organizations try to enter the market here only to fail as they neglected market research or made assumptions that because their model worked in Europe it would also work in the US.

That’s why we’ve taken our time to launch here; we’ve researched, we worked hard to find the right banking partner, we’ve talked to industry leaders and engaged with local resources. We’ll launch in a smart manner that suits the unique US sports betting and gaming market.

We’ve adapted our products; our offering in the US has been built specifically for the sports bettor to allow them to control their spending in a simple, secure manner while bringing in responsible gaming features that provide player control while also providing the operators with an additional layer of RG compliance.

Similarly, Digital Cash, our gaming wallet, has been created by gamers for gamers. We talk their language. Our goal is to make payments fun and a part of the gaming Eco structure.

NEXT: Regarding Neosurf’s partnerships in North America, part of your remit will be establishing strategic alliances with operators, regulators and distribution partners nationwide. Why is it so important to have these relationships in place? Do you think there needs to be a greater level of collaboration between all these disparate parties across the iGaming industry?

SP: Establishing strategic alliances with operators, regulators, and distribution partners in North America is paramount to Neosurf’s success in the region. Collaborative relationships not only enhance our market presence but also facilitate a cohesive and well-regulated iGaming ecosystem.

These partnerships allow us to align our services with the evolving needs of both operators and regulators, ensuring compliance, fostering innovation, and ultimately providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for users.

In the dynamic landscape of the iGaming industry, collaboration is not just beneficial–it’s essential. By working together, we can collectively address challenges, set industry standards, and contribute to the responsible growth of the iGaming sector.

Neosurf is committed to being a proactive partner, driving this collaborative spirit to build a sustainable, transparent, and thriving iGaming community in North America and beyond.

NEXT: You’ve accumulated over 25 years of corporate sales experience working with big-name brands like Amazon and Costco. Are there any key learnings from this time that will help you in your new role, particularly with Neosurf being a customer-centric brand?

SP: Costco and Amazon prioritize customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust. Their success lies in placing the customer first and understanding that a positive customer experience is the key to generating sales. As a vendor, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of customer experience and prioritize it over all else.

Neosurf has always taken this customer-first approach, be that with our merchants and partners or with the customer. We have consistent, high satisfaction scores. We build strong relationships with regulatory bodies so that we can assist our merchants with their AML responsibilities, and we firmly believe that responsible gaming starts with responsible payments.

NEXT: Returning to the subject of Responsible Gaming, can you tell us a bit more about what measures the company provides to safeguard its customers better and why you think having these controls in place is so important to providing long-term sustainability in the iGaming industry?

SP: We believe that responsible gaming starts with responsible payments, that means putting the player in control and providing them with features and functionality that gives them options for how they control their spending, so we prioritize implementing robust measures to safeguard our customers.

Our controls include spending limits, and self-exclusion options. We believe these measures are crucial for the well-being of our users and the long-term sustainability of the entire iGaming industry.

By fostering a safe and secure environment, we build trust with our users and the wider community. This commitment aligns with the evolving regulatory landscape where responsible gaming is increasingly emphasised.

Our approach is not just about compliance; it’s about proactively promoting social responsibility, ensuring that individuals can enjoy the entertainment of iGaming in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable over the long term.”

NEXT: Finally, on a personal note you’ve also spoken of your pride at becoming another woman leader in online payments. Neosurf also has a female global CEO in Andrea McGeachin; how big of a role do you think the company has played in championing women in the industry, and do you think this is a blueprint that other payments/iGaming brands can follow to create a more inclusive space?

SP: I’m immensely proud to be part of a company that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. Andrea’s leadership as the global CEO exemplifies Neosurf’s commitment to empowering women in key positions.

While my role as the CEO of North America reflects the company’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive space in the online payments industry, I believe our collective success is not just about having women in leadership roles but also how we are creating a culture that values diverse perspectives.

This approach isn’t just for Neosurf; it should be a call for the entire payments and iGaming industry to embrace diversity, champion women, and collectively create a more inclusive and innovative space for everyone.

Sue Page is chief executive officer of Neosurf INC. Responsible for managing all facets of the company, Sue drives and influences the US product, day-to-day operations, and strategic vision. Passionate about the player experience and how payments can influence the customer journey, Sue is becoming recognized for her customer-first vision and commitment to responsible gaming.

With a background of 25+ years selling customized consumer UX solutions to mass retail,  Sue is recognized as an experienced product manager and leads Neosurf’s US strategy primarily focused on the development of their US product and UX.  

Bringing a fresh approach to payments and gaming in the US, Sue will be focusing on elevating the overall payment experience for players and extending Neosurf’s “Payments with Personality” strategy across the US.

As of one of a growing number of C-level women in the industry, Sue also uses her platform and influence to amplify the conversation around menopause and advocates for menopause support and education in the workplace via workshops & training.

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