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UEFA and the German government are under scrutiny over their decision to ink a sponsorship deal with Betano for the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament.

In November, UEFA announced that Greek and Cypriot-led operator Kaizen Gaming, the operator behind Betano, would serve as an official global sponsor for the tournament, which is set to unfold across 10 host cities in Germany between 14 June and 14 July. 

This marked the first instance of a gambling company being selected as a sponsor for the football event.

The Alliance Against Sports Betting Advertising, comprising organisations like Transparency International Germany and the fan group “Our Curve,” has accused both UEFA and governmental authorities of failing to adequately address the issue of problem gambling.

Sylvia Schenk from Transparency International commented: “The UEFA EURO 2024 makes sports betting socially acceptable through the sponsor Betano and allows the target group of young, football-loving men in particular to be lured into gambling. 

“However, possible collateral damage – such as the significant risk of addiction – is ignored or trivialised.”

No RG initiatives

One glaring point of contention raised by the alliance is the apparent discrepancy in attention and resources allocated to different forms of prevention. 

While the National Anti-Doping Agency is actively launching a publicly funded campaign to combat doping in sports ahead of EURO 2024, similar initiatives aimed at preventing gambling addiction do not exist. 

Citing statistics indicating approximately 1.3 million people grappling with gambling addiction in Germany, including a significant portion of sports bettors, the alliance argues that there is an “urgent need for preventative action.”

“Football fans travelling to UEFA EURO 2024 do not need to be warned about doping, but rather about gambling.”

Time for change

Markus Sotirianos, speaking on behalf of the Alliance against Sports Betting Advertising, emphasised the need for a paradigm shift.

“It is time for a turning point: it is not the commercial interests of individual associations or gambling providers that should guide action, but rather the common good.”

When announcing Betano as a sponsor, UEFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein said: “Betano is a leading digital sports betting operator, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and responsible gaming.

“We believe that their industry expertise and affinity to football make them a great fit for the tournament.”

In recent years, the increased attention on the relationship between gambling and football has prompted several leagues to implement or consider bans on gambling advertisements.

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