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In a new series for NEXT.io, Testa provides crowdsourced product insights from a specific iGaming market. 

This time, the crowdtesting provider examines the performance of different live dealer blackjack suppliers in Ontario’s regulated iGaming market.

To do so, Testa looked at the performance of live blackjack products from Evolution, Pragmatic Play and Playtech, across six different operator brands.

Ontario background

Having launched its regulated online sports betting and iGaming market in April 2022, Ontario now boasts some 47 licensed operators.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that operators in Ontario handled C$17.2bn in wagers during the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023/24 (three months ended 30 December 2023).

Total gaming revenue for the quarter reached C$658m, marking a 42% increase year-on-year.


Testa used a combination of game load times and audio/video lag to determine which of the suppliers performed the best across each operator’s platform.

Crowdsourced testers recorded load times using a wide range of devices and operating systems, and Testa averaged the data for comparative reporting.

Testers were also asked to analyse AV lag by answering yes or no to whether there was any display or audio lag during gameplay, and whether the live dealer visuals were synced with the audio.

Test data


Combined game load time: 21.31 seconds

Betway mobile app load time: 7.31 seconds

Playtech led the way for load times on Betway’s platform, with an average load time of 6.68 seconds. 

That made Betway one of just two operators tested for which Playtech’s live dealer blackjack loaded faster than Evolution’s.

Evolution did secure second place in this test, with a load time of 7.02 seconds, while Pragmatic Play’s load time came in at 7.43 seconds.

With just 0.75 seconds between the slowest and fastest loading games, Betway was the operator with the lowest overall variance between load times.

According to the testers, none of the three suppliers’ games suffered from any AV lag or syncing problems on Betway’s platform.

Royal Panda

Combined game load time: 27.72 seconds

Royal Panda platform load time: 5.64 seconds

In Royal Panda’s tests, Evolution emerged as the clear winner among suppliers with its average game load time of just 6.95 seconds.

That put the live casino specialist well ahead of its competitors Playtech, at 8.77 seconds, and Pragmatic Play, at 12 seconds.

Again, testers reported that there was no AV lag and that audio and video were well synced across all three suppliers.


Combined game load time: 28.2 seconds

LeoVegas mobile app load time: 4.23 seconds

LeoVegas boasted one of the fastest-loading platforms among those tested, and was beaten only by Betano with its 1.32-second load time.

Evolution’s live dealer blackjack was also the single fastest loading game across all suppliers and operators at just 4.8 seconds.

Competitors were significantly slower, with Pragmatic Play’s blackjack offering taking 11.4 seconds to load, and Playtech’s taking 12 seconds.

Again, no problems in AV syncing were identified by testers.


Combined game load time: 31.66 seconds

PokerStars platform load time: 9.85 seconds

PokerStars was the only operator besides Betway to see Playtech’s live dealer blackjack outpace Evolution, with a load time of 8.89 seconds.

Evolution followed in second place with a 10.7-second load time, while Pragmatic’s live dealer blackjack followed with a 12.7-second load time.

In the PokerStars platform, however, users reported problems with both display and audio lag in Evolution’s game, while also reporting display lag and AV syncing problems when using Pragmatic Play’s game.

Playtech’s live dealer blackjack did not see any display or audio lag reported, but users did report some problems with AV syncing.


Combined game load time: 31.84 seconds

Betano platform load time: 1.32 seconds

Betano boasted by far the fastest platform load time across all six tested operators.

As for live dealer blackjack specifically, Evolution took the crown here again as its game loaded in 9.86 seconds.

There was just over one second of variance between the fastest and slowest-loading games on Betano’s platform, however, with Playtech’s offering loading in 10.98 seconds and Pragmatic Play’s in 11 seconds.

Users did not report any display or audio lag from any of the three suppliers, but all three were reported to have had some AV syncing issues.

Party Casino

Combined game load time: 39.4 seconds

Party Casino mobile app load time: 5.9 seconds

For Party Casino, Evolution again stood out as the fastest supplier by a significant margin, with a 9.76-second load time.

In second place, Playtech’s live dealer blackjack loaded in 14.25 seconds, while Pragmatic Play’s offering on Party Casino was the slowest game recorded overall, as it took 15.39 seconds to load.

Testers also reported AV syncing issues across all three suppliers, as well as display lag in Playtech’s game.


First, Betano stood out as by far the fastest-loading operator tested, with its load time of just 1.32 seconds.

LeoVegas, Royal Panda and Party Casino also boasted load times of under 6 seconds, while Betway and PokerStars continued to lag behind the competition.

Elsewhere, when considering the average load times across all suppliers and operators, Evolution was significantly faster than its competitors with an average time of 8.18 seconds.

In second place, Playtech’s live dealer blackjack took an average of 10.26 seconds to load, while Pragmatic Play’s lagged behind at 11.55 seconds.

The especially fast performance of Evolution’s game on LeoVegas platform, with a 4.8-second load time and no AV lag, suggested “an optimal integration or a highly efficient game version,” according to Testa.

“Operator variations in game load times highlight the influence of factors such as infrastructure and integration, with the Betway and Royal Panda platforms showing better speed and overall optimisation,” Testa added. 

“Ultimately, an approach that can be tested in different environments and iterated upon is essential for optimising provider offerings, as the integrations with operators vary.

“The integration itself should prioritise fast load times, stable performance, high-quality graphics, and synchronised audio/video to compete for the best live dealer experience,” it concluded.

About Testa

Testa is a full-service crowdtesting provider built specifically for the iGaming industry. Our global team of quality testers helps iGaming businesses improve quality and gain valuable insights from real people on the ground. We know the unique challenges gaming companies face and are the key partners to help them deliver top gaming experiences. If you found this data useful and would like to have a free test conducted in a market of your choosing please contact us.

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