Greco, the pioneering gaming risk management platform, has entered into an exciting partnership with renowned gaming solutions provider iGaming Platform (iGP), promising unmatched real-time insight into bonus abuse.

Through this collaboration, iGP and its partners will benefit from Greco’s deep expertise in bonus abuse management. Moving away from outdated manual methods, Greco uses AI to actively monitor gameplay, ensuring efficient and accurate insights.

The platform immediately identifies risks and alerts players via in-game notifications, significantly reducing bonus abuse attempts. Repeat offenders are subject to automated actions, ensuring a holistic gaming environment where a minority don’t ruin the experience for everyone.

Initial beneficiaries of this integration include BetGoals, TouchCasino and Woombet among others. However, the solution is available to all iGP partners.

Having launched over 40 casinos, partnered with over 100 gaming operators and handled over €500 million in monthly wagers, Malta-based iGP’s exponential growth underlines its industry prominence.

Mario Pizikas, risk, fraud and payment operations manager at IGP, commented: “We’re committed to ensuring that genuine players aren’t hindered by a few rogue players. Greco’s innovative platform reinforces our promise of a trustworthy online gaming experience”.

Ozric Vondervelden, CEO of Greco, added: “We are dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for both players and operators. Teaming up with iGP embodies this vision, combining our advanced tools to prevent bonus abuse with iGP’s outstanding gaming platform”.

Future Anthem, the pioneering AI and data science powerhouse is proud to announce a new product launch with Betsson Group that will see the leading global gaming operator deploy AI technologies to offer its players a more personalised and sustainable experience across its diverse portfolio of brands.

Leveraging Future Anthem’s innovative Amplifier AI real-time product, this integration will ensure 1-to-1 personalisation is at the forefront of every player’s experience for Betsson’s extensive global player base, as well as provide additional risk monitoring of every casino session for responsible gaming purposes.

Renowned for its leading brands and high-quality content offering, as well as its commitment to providing a safe customer environment, Betsson Group has developed a reputation as a top choice for players worldwide.

Jan Chircop, head of gaming projects at Betsson Group, said: “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Future Anthem. Our mission is to provide the ultimate gaming experience for our players, and this partnership allows us to do just that.

“By harnessing the power of AI, we are confident that our players will enjoy more engaging and sustainable gaming experiences as we transition to personalised experiences.”

Eduards Jakubovs, head of Responsible Gaming at Betsson Group, commented further: “Online casino betting is known to pose a higher risk in comparison with other products, hence it was a very natural decision to enhance customer protection.

“Future Anthem’s real-time personalised risk scoring engine will work in parallel with our own in-house Prediction Model to ensure the highest level of protection for our players.

One major highlight of this partnership is Betsson’s commitment to acting during the moments that matter, reacting with immediacy in key touchpoints across the player journey.

Leveraging Future Anthem’s innovative flagship product Amplifier AI, Betsson will improve its ability to respond to each player’s needs in a highly personalised 1-to-1 manner with its quick-to-deploy modules during critical moments.

This groundbreaking initiative will be rolled out progressively across Betsson’s global brands and jurisdictions over the coming months, promising an unprecedented level of personalisation and sustainability for their expansive base of players.

Leigh Nissim, founder and CEO of Future Anthem, added: “We really enjoy working with progressive clients and teams as they bring out the best in our AI technologies.

“The Betsson team has a clear vision around personalisation to improve player experiences and we’re delighted that our all-encompassing personalisation product, Amplifier AI, is becoming an integral part of their journey.”, an investor in iGaming startups, is pleased to announce its strategic investment in Fluid, a cutting-edge digital wallet and cashier solution.

Fluid’s innovative payment technology offers seamless integration to operator websites and individualised user experiences using the power of artificial intelligence.

The strategic investment from HappyHour will accelerate growth for Fluid to support its vision to revolutionize digital payments starting with the iGaming sector.

The startup has fully embraced the potential of AI to ensure they are ready for the future of iGaming. Fluid will use artificial intelligence not only to create bespoke user experiences but also to deploy anti-fraud mechanisms for their clients.

These mechanisms will proactively detect and prevent suspicious activities, ensuring both operators and users can transact with confidence.

Roberto Rubio, CEO of Fluid, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “HappyHour’s investment in Fluid has been a catalyst for innovation and growth.

“Their deep industry knowledge combined with support and strategic guidance has been crucial, empowering us to redefine the digital transaction space in the gaming industry. They are more than just investors; they are a trusted partner who share our vision and commitment to creating the best possible user experience.”

Robin Reed, managing partner at HappyHour, echoed Rubio’s sentiments stating, “Fluid is poised to raise the bar for what we expect from a digital wallet/cashier solution creating a fully user-centric experience and setting new benchmarks for efficiency and security. We are proud to be a part of this journey.”

Affiliate group Better Collective has recruited Pernille Holbøll, former editor-in-chief of Danish news media Ekstra Bladet and BT

Holbøll will lead the strategic development of AI-generated editorial content across the group’s sports media brands. 

For a number of years, Holbøll has played an active role in driving the digital transformation and the journalistic development across Danish media and has held positions such as editor-in-chief at Ekstra Bladet and executive editor-in-chief at BT, two of the largest news media in Denmark. 

At Better Collective, Holbøll will step into a newly established position of senior director group AI editorial content & editorial innovation. 

She will, in collaboration with various teams and departments, ensure that both business- and editorial-related opportunities embedded in AI and editorial innovation are realised across Better Collective’s sports media brands.

Holbøll will join Better Collective on 1 December at the company headquarters in Copenhagen.

Returning to Better Collective

Holbøll said: “Better Collective is uniquely positioned in the intersection between tech and media. To realise the company vision to become the leading digital sports media group, it is paramount to fully utilise and take advantage of the opportunities and synergies AI offers when it comes to developing and scaling editorial content globally. 

“I have long been impressed by the team at Better Collective that is already doing a great job, especially in building the technological AI infrastructure that is needed, and I look forward to contributing strategically to further ensure that Better Collective continues its ambitious journey,” she added. 

Holbøll has previously worked with Better Collective. Between March 2022 and May 2022, she held the position of senior director group branding and media before joining BT as executive editor-in-chief.

“In today’s media landscape, companies need to understand how AI, content and media can work together to scale operations globally,” said Simon Hovmand-Stilling, SVP group media and core sites and CEO of Better Collective South America.

“Pernille comes with a lot of knowledge and experience from the media world that will add significant value and insights to the group which will further strengthen our ability to excite sports fans worldwide and create value for our partners. I look forward to welcoming her back to the team,” he added. 

Better Collective’s audience has significantly grown in recent years, increasing from approximately 7 million monthly viewers across its brands in 2017 to more than 180 million as of now.

Kambi CEO Kristian Nylén has hailed artificial intelligence (AI) as the next major development in sports betting technology.

The Stockholm-listed supplier unveiled a new brand identity for its proprietary AI trading unit during its Q3 2023 financial results. It is now called Tzeract.

Tzeract will slot in alongside Abios (esports odds product) and Shape Games (product differentiation specialist) as part of Kambi’s modular portfolio.

The supplier’s modularisation strategy was launched in part to protect the company against reduced demand from across the industry for a full turnkey sportsbook solution, with many operators – including some former Kambi clients – choosing instead to build their own sportsbooks in-house.

Tzeract will now play a role in the future success of the supplier, which is preparing a full commercial launch of the product in Q1 2024.

At present, the software only encompasses pre-match football bets, but there are near-term plans to expand into in-play football markets and to launch tennis as an additional sport.

Human limitations

Every year, there is a greater depth and quality of sports data that can be used to create new betting markets for consumers.

However, it has become increasingly difficult for humans to process this amount of complex data, which means technology is now essential to leverage its full potential.

This deluge of data means the possibilities are endless in terms of what can be offered as a sports betting market, and Kambi believes it can help operators harness that prospect through the power of AI.

“It has become so complex,” said Nylén in conversation with “The human trader can’t handle everything anymore.

“You can’t possibly have viewer input on so many different parameters, so you need to use different technologies.

“The advantages are that this creates better pricing. You can also make it much faster and do it across a lot more markets than you were able to before,” he added.

Stars over teams

Nylén believes this is one way for operators to capitalise on a developing consumer trend, where bettors are increasingly backing their favourite players, compared to more traditional bets on teams or results.

This betting trend is reflective of a shifting sports culture, where younger fans sometimes support their favourite sports stars above all else.

Loyalty to one team is no longer as common, and fandom for the world’s leading athletes – many of whom are global brands in their own right – has become so strong that supporters will often follow them from club to club, even as they switch between leagues.  

“The consumer trend is quite clear,” said Nylén. “They are interested in betting on more things than just full time result and first goalscorer.

“It is a very different product that we have today, and the combination of possibilities offered by bet builder have created a very new kind of sportsbook from when I started in this industry.”

Kambi originally launched its AI trading tool in time for the 2022 World Cup.

After several years in development, it “stress-tested” the software during the tournament and was “extremely pleased” with the results.

Nylén admits the supplier took a few shortcuts with the software at that time, but insists that any issues have since been ironed out, resulting in the finished Tzeract product.

Competition and target market

Tzeract is aimed at sports betting operators with their own technology and trading platforms and Nylén is hopeful that Kambi can focus on “larger” customers following positive discussions at G2E this year.

The product will likely be based on a turnover- or commission-rate revenue model, but Kambi must be prepared to compete with B2B rivals that are making similar developments in AI.

“There are others that are doing great things in this area,” said Nylén. “But compared to the general market, I think we are in a very good position.

“We have only launched one sport so far, but I think the system we have built is quite easily adaptable to new sports, which is one of the big advantages,” he added.

Nylén, who has served as Kambi CEO since 2010, is bullish over his company’s prospects in this area, and is equally optimistic over the future of the technology in general.

“If you look at the gaming industry, it has always been outside of technology that has been driving it forward.

“First there was online, and then you had mobile. But now I think AI is the massive driver of what is possible in the field of sports betting.”

The iGaming industry is crying out for disruption and innovation. Start-up Stories is your new guide to the potential game-changers of online gambling.

We ask the key questions to provide investors and industry professionals with crucial insight into the new ventures seeking to redefine the digital entertainment space.

Last week we brought you Units, this week, we turn our attention to Rithmm. 


Rithmm is a US sports betting platform that harnesses AI and advanced analytics. 

This empowers sports bettors to create custom analytical models, enhancing their ability to make informed betting decisions.

The platform simplifies traditional sports betting analytics and modelling, breaking down the complexity and barriers, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. 

Rithmm’s mission is to become synonymous with smart betting, serving as the trusted resource users consult before placing bets, be it with sportsbooks, friends, or in pick’em tournaments. 

The firm’s target customers encompass sports bettors seeking to reduce decision fatigue and elevate the entertainment value of betting, who will pay a subscription fee to use the service.

“Our biggest differentiator is that we are not selling prefabricated picks. We hide the complexity on the backend and give the user a very simplified approach. Many other sites are confusing, complicated and they seem to have a lot of services. We have shrunk it down to let our users make a smart bet by using their instincts and our algorithm.”
Rithmm on their USP


CEO and co-founder Megan Lanham (pictured below) is an experienced chief executive, with two successful exits, and an MBA from MIT.

She was a Division I basketball coach for over a decade before transitioning into the business world. 

CTO and co-founder Brian Beachkofski has a background in predictive analytics, AI and machine learning. 

Prior to Rithmm, he served as the commander of Kessel Run, the US Air Force software division, and held positions in the financial world, including managing director at Third Sector Capital Partners in Boston. 

He holds multiple degrees, including an MBA from MIT, a PhD in Probabilistic Analysis Methods, an MS in Engineering, and is a graduate of the Air Force Academy.

A group of investors, including three of DraftKings’ original seed investors – Boston Seed Capital, Accomplice, and Counterview Capital, supports the start-up.


Rithmm launched its platform in September 2023. In the next 12 to 24 months, Rithmm plans to expand its platform to cover new sports such as NHL, PGA Tour, International Soccer, MLB, and more. 

The firm will also incorporate modelling for props and other bet types while continuously integrating more data to assist users.

Rithmm’s vision includes leveraging its technology to collaborate with leading names in sports and entertainment, revolutionising the way they engage in betting discussions and activities. 

Their ultimate goal is to become an integral “part of every sports bettor’s routine”.

Looking five years ahead, Rithmm envisions itself as a global leader in sports betting predictive analytics. 

“Success will be defined by our recognition as a trusted source for sports predictions, a thriving and engaged user community, strategic partnerships with major stakeholders, and a platform that continues to set industry standards for accuracy and user experience,” the firm said. 


Rithmm’s headquarters are situated in Boston, MA, but their workforce operates remotely.


Rithmm believes bettors lack access to predictive models akin to those used by professionals, and they lack a team of mathematical quants, data scientists, or machine learning engineers to validate their instincts.

Rithmm offers a solution by concealing the complex math and delivering a simplified and personalised approach. 

Users “input their instincts”, which are then combined with the platform’s algorithm.

Within 10 seconds, Rithmm generates a model that provides an analysis and prediction for each game, including recommended picks, predicted scores, win probabilities, and market edges.

Rithmm said they’ve simplified complex modeling, removing the skillset barrier and making it fast, easy, and available to any level of bettor.

Rithmm believes that the need for its business is evident: “With the legalisation of sports betting in several regions, there is a growing demand for reliable predictive analytics to assist bettors. 

“Investors should consider Rithmm as an attractive opportunity due to its unique position in the sports betting market, its innovative and user-friendly approach, and the potential for significant growth as it addresses a pressing need in the industry,” the company added. 

iGaming platform and content provider White Hat Gaming (WHG) has initiated a round of staff layoffs.

The cutbacks primarily impact White Hat Gaming’s Malta office, with the “majority of approximately 80 employees” facing redundancy, according to sources who spoke to iGaming NEXT on the condition of anonymity.

Only a skeleton crew will remain in place as staff enter a one-month paid suspension period.

While WHG declined to confirm the exact number of redundancies, the company said: “WHG has enjoyed a period of rapid expansion and like any major technology-led company, we continue to review business operations and optimise technological efficiency to set us up for the next stage of growth.

“This has led to a small number of redundancies across the business,” the firm added.

Affected employees, who wish to remain anonymous, disclosed that although White Hat Gaming has experienced significant growth in recent years, the expansion has not been without its challenges. 

AI investment

In line with wider industry trends, the company has prioritised automation through AI, particularly for customer-facing communication, which is thought to be a contributing factor to the job cuts.

iGaming NEXT understands the layoffs affected staff working in customer care, as well as in KYC and responsible gambling.

Some employees were surprised by the sudden nature of the announcement, having only made aware of the situation in October.

WHG had initially pledged to explore alternative positions for impacted employees, but later decided to halt recruitment and impose a hiring freeze, iGaming NEXT has learned.

Founded in 2012, WHG is a full-service B2B casino and sportsbook platform provider, with a global team of more than 550 staff.

In addition to Malta, the company maintains offices in London, Chicago, Cape Town, and Gibraltar.

However, former staff disclosed that many internal operations have long been run from South Africa, with the country viewed as a more cost-effective location. 

Flows is excited to announce a pivotal client signing with Light & Wonder, the global leader in cross-platform games and entertainment.

Flows’ innovative platform will empower Light & Wonder’s new marketing jackpot feature that will be available to its entire global operator network following its up-and-coming launch at G2E Las Vegas 2023.

By utilising Flows’ groundbreaking technology, Light & Wonder will be able to expedite the delivery of key features and applications, orchestrating multifaceted data points from diverse systems seamlessly, optimising go-to-market strategies, and minimising developmental time and operational expenses.

This new deal underscores a mutual commitment to innovation, speed, and efficiency, setting new standards in the iGaming industry.

Flows was built to be the most agnostic piece of software on the market that can sit alongside any other piece of technology that a business has to enable it to innovate freely and without constraint.

Flows, a plug-in no-code platform, supports businesses in accelerating development and fast-tracking integrations in a single interface and workflow automation tool.

The debut of “Flo”, Flows’ voice-activated AI software development tool, marks a pivotal point in digital product development, allowing clients and partners to bring forth innovations swiftly without the encumbrances of conventional development constraints.

Dylan Slaney, CEO iGaming at Light & Wonder, said: “Flows’ avant-garde platform has enabled us to create and launch marketing jackpots at speed and with ease, allowing us to offer a solution to our operators which is both efficient and versatile.

“This is just scratching the surface of the possibilities now available to us through this agreement and I’m excited to work with Flows on many more great initiatives across our business.”

James King, CEO of Flows said: Working with a global leader like Light & Wonder is a testament to the transformative power of Flows. Our shared vision for innovation and excellence will pave the way for unprecedented advancements in the iGaming industry.

“This relationship stands as a beacon of transformative potential when pioneering technology and visionary teams converge, promising a future where the boundaries of digital creation are continually expanded and the essence of innovation is ubiquitously democratised.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing our efforts live on the Light & Wonder stand at G2E next week and then what more we can do together in the near future.”

Kambi Group plc (“Kambi”), the world’s trusted sports betting partner, has expanded its partnership with LeoVegas Group with the launch of the BetMGM brand in the UK.

Having been acquired by MGM Resorts International (“MGM Resorts”) in 2022, LeoVegas Group will undertake BetMGM’s casino and sports betting operations in the UK and leverage Kambi’s powerful suite of sports betting technology, including its award-winning Bet Builder and AI-powered algorithmic trading capabilities.

Following its selection as the technology provider for the LeoVegas sportsbook in 2016 Kambi now powers LeoVegas Group’s full stable of sports betting brands, including the fast-growing BetUK and expekt brands.

Kristian Nylén, CEO and co-founder at Kambi, said: “We are pleased to be helping to power the international launch of BetMGM in the UK with LeoVegas, and to expand our relationship with one of Kambi’s most longstanding partners.

“We are confident that the combination of LeoVegas’ operational expertise and Kambi’s proven sportsbook technology behind such an exciting brand provides an excellent platform to offer highly engaging, next generation betting experiences to BetMGM’s customers.”

Per Carlander, director of sports strategy at LeoVegas Group, said: “We are delighted to launch BetMGM to the international markets, starting with the UK.

“It is a key market for every operator, and we are confident that our sportsbook and exciting new product features, including a multi-million free-to-play game, will attract sport enthusiasts who enjoy a top-class live betting experience. With best-in-class promotions, personalised navigation, and an innovative Bet Builder, BetMGM is bringing a new golden era of sports betting to the UK.”

Future Anthem, the pioneering AI and data science powerhouse, has released its highly anticipated 3-step playbook “How sportsbooks can lead with AI”.

The playbook emphasises the urgency for sportsbooks to take the lead with artificial intelligence, as it has become a necessary element to ensure long-term profitability in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The playbook was created by the team behind Anthem’s market-leading personalisation product Amplifier AI and breaks down the key steps that sportsbooks should work through to move artificial intelligence off the roadmap and into players’ hands.

Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim said: “We have witnessed a meteoric rise in the use of artificial intelligence in entertainment with the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon all offering ultra-personalised experiences, creating super-high consumer expectations.

“There’s no doubt in our minds that the sports betting industry is next – the sector sits at the perfect intersection of media, leisure, and e-commerce. The race to real-time personalisation is on – we’re urging sportsbooks to get ahead of the pack with this playbook to find out how they can win.

“Our ambition was to create a practical guide filled with highly specific and actionable tips and tactics, that can be easily incorporated one step at a time. We are confident that our brand-new playbook will help guide decision-makers across the industry in adopting AI into their daily operations to navigate this new journey with confidence.”

The playbook goes into great detail as to how AI boasts a proven track record of achieving uplifts in every step of the player journey, leading to increases in NGR, player retention, and open rates.

Furthermore, Anthem has drawn upon its expertise and knowledge to guide readers on how to best implement AI into their own sportsbooks. The good news, it’s much simpler than it might appear.

In the last year alone, Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI has processed roughly 700 million sports bets across a multitude of diverse behavioural profiles, countries, and platforms.

Working closely with leading operators, Anthem has observed a meteoric rise in the use of artificial intelligence as more and more sportsbooks are taking progressive steps to utilise their data and the latest AI technologies in real-time to personalise player experiences.

This step-by-step approach covers every key aspect of the process from start to finish including aligning AI to the present strategic objectives, identifying successful use cases with the quickest return, measuring effectiveness, building a business case for your CFO, and choosing whether to build or buy.