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According to new polling carried out by Play’n GO, 55% of Swedish slot players would support a ban on Bonus Buy mechanics in online games.

The figure was even higher among the population at large, with 69% of survey respondents overall suggesting they would support a change in regulation to ban Bonus Buys.

Of those who support the ban, the majority said they believed the mechanic could be used to exploit vulnerable gamblers.

In a statement accompanying the release of the survey results, Play’n GO pointed out that Bonus Buys allow players to buy their way into bonus rounds or free spins, “in many cases for hundreds of times more than their initial stake for a single spin.”

This, the supplier suggests, allows companies to get around local regulations on stake limits, by allowing players to stake much greater sums than would otherwise be permitted.

Regulation required

Play’n GO also pointed out that both the KSA in the Netherlands and the Gambling Commission in the UK have banned the mechanic.

In January 2020, the UKGC reiterated that: “Gambling products must not actively encourage customers to increase their stake or increase the amount they have decided to gamble.”

In response to the company’s polling, 61% of respondents said a change in Swedish regulations, along the lines of the bans currently in place in the UK and Netherlands, would be “the responsible thing to do.”

The change would also help to show that “the Swedish government are taking gambling issues seriously” according to 63% of respondents, while 53% would feel “proud” to see Sweden’s gambling regulator introduce a ban.

“Play’n GO has been a consistent and vocal advocate for a sustainable, regulated, and thriving gaming industry that is based around an ‘entertainment-first’ mindset for many years,” said Play’n GO co-founder and CEO Johan Törnqvist (pictured).

“I pledged as far back as 2021 that Play’n GO would never make a Bonus Buy game – a decision that has cost us hundreds of millions of Swedish Krona – but I stand by that decision.

“Bonus buy games are harmful to players, and to the long-term health and sustainability of the entire industry, and they should be excluded from the regulated Swedish market,” he added.

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