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Units is the first business to go under the microscope:


Units is a daily fantasy game that aims to capture the sports world’s most captivating, unique and timely human-interest stories as a key point of difference.

From comebacks and homecomings to debuts and rivalries, Units wants to build a bridge between humanity and gaming by delivering daily original content, including real-money gaming contests.

Units’ core mission is to transform how fans experience sports.

The company is in competition with innovative DFS start-ups and more traditional sportsbooks when it comes to staking money on sporting events.

Units’ USP is “curated original content in a simple UX”.

For example, the business deliberately limits the number of markets available to users each day so as not to “overwhelm” customers with an “all you can eat” buffet of projections, odds and markets.


Torey Korsunsky is the founder and CEO of Units.

He started his career in management consulting, followed by stints at CAA Sports’ merchant bank Evolution Media Capital, where he focused on sports media rights transactions, and WSC Sports, where he led growth in North America.

The Units team is rounded out by early hires from leading sports and gaming companies, including Buzzer and PointsBet US. 

As companies rush to the daily fantasy contest space, Korsunsky sees an opportunity to serve sports fans who are massively underserved in the contest market.

The company is targeting the 50 million or so sports fans in the US who are still to express their fandom through real-money gaming, but in a “simple and more meaningful” way.


Units was established in 2023. The company believes “competitive entertainment” is facing an inflection point.

Although awareness and acceptance of real-money gaming is high, user uptake hasn’t kept pace, it suggests.

Units believes this reluctance is due to unwelcoming product experiences.

“We think fans are eager to support their favourite players with their finances; they just need a more intuitive product.”

The firm’s primary goal over the next year is to teach fans a new behaviour within real-money gaming.

“We want our users to understand that our value prop of “read great stories, make picks” is in fact a better user journey than the one they most likely experience now, one that is much more arduous and cumbersome,” says Korsunsky.

Units believes commercial opportunities will increase once this fan behaviour has been realised and anticipates the revenue model going in a variety of different directions over the next five years.


Units is headquartered in New York and the product is available in Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.


Units believes there are still untapped sports fans due to the “complicated and unintuitive” experiences offered by existing gaming platforms.

Units has set out to simplify the real-money gaming experience by curating the best sporting narratives and by simplifying UX, so that fans can play without having to worry about understanding industry-endemic terminology.

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