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SG Digital’s VP of casino, Dominic Le Garsmeur, and product compliance director, Andrew Poole, joined Oisin Lunny, host of iGaming NEXT: Valletta ’21, for a discussion on regulatory matters titled “At the crossroads of iGaming regulation”.

For context, the pair introduced the audience to their product, an iGaming aggregator connecting around 70 content creators to more than 170 customers worldwide.

They said the business operates “on the safe side” of the gaming industry, with a presence in all major regulated markets around the world.

Dominic Le Garsmeur said that over the last two years or so, SG Digital has learnt that by taking complexity away from product integrations for operators, the business is also able to eliminate complexity relating to regulation.

The business understands the challenges of different markets and deploys solutions to introduce operators painlessly into new markets, he said.

Andrew Poole said he rails against the idea that regulation creates pressures, pains and complexity for gaming businesses – and that instead, being licensed and complying with regulations in controlled markets is a natural cost in exchange for the opportunity to enter the market.

Le Garsmeur agreed, adding that markets such as recently regulated Germany can demonstrate how tough regulatory compliance can be and the challenges it can present – but that regulation in the right way is necessary for those businesses who want to be sustainable.

“The world has changed, and the idea of going back to the old days is not there anymore, so compliance is staying with us and we need to embrace it and do it in the right way,” he said.

“Fundamentally, we need to go and work with those regulators, work with our partners and customers, and make sure we keep tidying up our act as an industry.”

An aggregator such as SG Digital, Le Garsmeur said, brings its customers both intelligence and solutions. In terms of intelligence, the business has a bird’s eye view of regulatory requirements globally, and is therefore able to help operators with their entries into unfamiliar territories.

Poole said SG Digital is able to use its market intelligence to help drive the future of regulatory debates moving forward, as its customer insights allow it to understand “the good, the bad and the ugly” of the impact of regulations.

“What’s happening in North America now is going to be absolutely fascinating – that’s the new regulatory battle ground,” Le Garsmeur concluded.

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