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With expected revenue of $100.9bn according to Statista, the gambling sector is considered to be one of the juiciest sectors for affiliates. The growth of user penetration is also another factor that can lure marketers to the vertical, as it will increase from 6% in 2024 to 7.6% by 2029, resulting in higher interest of potential audience.

The question is how to gain Gambling traffic that will actually convert and bring leads?

In the article we turned to Veronika Ponomareva, a head of customer success of an award-winning RichAds ad network recognised as the best iGaming traffic source by SiGMA Europe, and asked her all about the traffic sources for the Gambling vertical in 2024.

Stay tuned for Gambling traffic peculiarities, top three sources to boost your profit as well as actual tips on working with them!

What are the peculiarities of Gambling traffic? Main characteristics

Obviously, Gambling traffic are people who visit casino and betting sites, they can either be unique or returning users, though still count as Gambling traffic.

We see that there are four main peculiarities of Gambling traffic that make it different from all the other types, let’s have a quick look at them.

Sensitivity in terms of legal aspects

Gambling is quite a questionable topic in many regions, there are a lot of Tier 3 and 2 countries where its status is vague or such activities are prohibited by law. It’s just necessary to keep abreast of the trends to know how to actually advertise it in the countries. For instance, Telegram casinos gain popularity in Asian GEOs where the games are not legal.

High competitiveness

The market is full of affiliates, both newbies and experienced ones, so a successful marketer shall be aware of all the latest tendencies and be one step ahead of competitors in terms of creatives and strategies as well as know the best regions to drive traffic to.

Needs to be localised

Any website needs localisation, but for casinos and betting it’s not only about appropriate translation, it also means having local payment methods specified as well as giving generous bonuses on national holidays and using luck symbols of specific nations!

Variegated nature of audience

Users play casino and make bets daily, though in some periods and for some specific games traffic increases. For instance, for Betting sites it’s crucial to keep track of latest esport and sporting events both local and international. In terms of casinos, there can be some specific hyped games, like Aviator, or game time, like evening after work. Take these metrics into account!

Top 3 Gambling traffic sources to boost profits

There are many traffic sources that can be used to promote Gambling offers, many experts highlight social media traffic, like Facebook and Tiktok, though you need to be really careful with it not to get banned.

Many governments in the most converting Asian regions, like the Philippines and Indonesia, are really concerned about social media casino ads.

For this reason, it’s better to stick to sources that have both zero restrictions and proven efficiency.

Our team analysed what works best for Gambling offers at RichAds ad platform:

  1. Push ads.

This type of advertisement allows for complete freedom in terms of creative content and landing pages, with no risk of being banned. Additionally, push traffic is real people who have voluntarily subscribed to receive ads, meaning the audience is already engaged.

These ads are sent directly to users’ devices as notifications, ensuring high visibility. By using captivating visuals, concise messaging, and a clear call-to-action, push ads can effectively convey the excitement of playing casino games.

In terms of price, it starts from $0.005 per click, that’s more than affordable!

  1. In-page push ads.

In-page push notification ads resemble traditional push notification ads, but they are integrated within the website rather than appearing as a standalone pop-up notification.

Having the same pros as usual push notifications, another benefit of in-page push ads is their compatibility with iOS devices, unlike classic push notification ads that are limited to Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

Its minimum price is also quite low, it’s $0.001 per click!

  1. Pop ads.

The most straightforward option to begin with is pop ads, requiring just a link and basic targeting to launch. While this type of traffic is considered “aggressive,” it can be advantageous for iGaming offers as players are typically more impulsive and responsive. In terms of restrictions, they have none!

Pop ads are ideal for highlighting game previews, bonus promotions, and other attractive features due to the dynamic and visually engaging nature of casino games. At RichAds, this is the most economical choice, starting at just $0.5 per thousand views.

If you’re wondering, where you can buy the traffic, the answer is obvious at ad networks that provide it, like RichAds. Apart from HQ traffic, you can get ready-made whitelists on your GEO and offer as well as free localised creatives and managers’ support!

Tips on promoting Gambling offers on the traffic channels

There are a few overall recommendations that will assist you in launching successful Gambling campaigns on these traffic sources:

Start with Performance Mode algorithm that does the best daily sources sorting automatically via AI.

Use no less than 5-10 creatives or landing pages to find your target audience.

Don’t start with expensive Tier 1 GEOs if you’re a newbie, test Tier 2 and 3 first.

Select the best bid for your campaign, not too high or too low to gain enough traffic. Do it via Predictor or ask your manager!

Choose only Premium traffic sources, they have the highest CR and are already tested.

Start on whitelists for your exact offer and GEO to target only the best sources from scratch.

Optimise your campaign automatically via Automated Rules to turn off anything that brings zero leads.

That’s all you need to know about the best Gambling sources to actually start earning on iGaming offers and get unlimited iGaming traffic.

Go ahead and maximise your profits with RichAds ad network today and gain first results tomorrow!

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