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The Florida Gaming Control Commission (FGCC) has delivered cease and desist orders to several providers of fantasy sports in the state.

Cease and desist

PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy and Betr all received letters from the regulator dated 19 September, ordering them to cease operations in the state under the threat of legal action.

“The FGCC has received information that your company may be offering or accepting illegal bets of wagers from Florida residents,” the letters read.

“We have also received information that your company may be promoting and conducting an illegal lottery. This alleged conduct is strictly prohibited in Florida and constitutes criminal activity.”

The letters set out the Florida statutes which the FGCC insists should prohibit the companies from accepting bets on fantasy sports within the state.

In Florida, sports betting may only be carried out under a gaming compact sanctioned by the regulator, it said, while operating without such a compact may constitute a felony offence.

FGCC executive director Louis Trombetta (pictured) told the fantasy operators: “I am hereby demanding you immediately cease and desist offering or accepting bets or wagers from residents of this state on the results of any contests of skill such as sports betting, including, but not limited to, bets or wagers made in connection with fantasy sports.

“Your failure to comply will result in the FGCC taking any and all appropriate action, including referring this matter to the Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution.”

Market leaders appear untouched

According to NFL-focused online publication Saturday Down South, a FanDuel representative confirmed the operator had not received any communication from the FGCC.

Saturday Down South also suggested that DraftKings had not been handed a cease and desist letter.

As a result, PrizePicks appeared to suggest that the market-leading companies had a hand in the issuing of the cease and desist letters to their competitors.

“Over the past few years our larger competitors have intentionally spread misinformation to regulators across the country. We believe this anti-competitive smear campaign has driven inaccurate understandings of our contests and the laws governing them,” the company said in a statement.

“We are eager to meet with the executive director and commission to discuss our business and our skill-based gaming platform. We are committed to ensuring that our valued members continue the right to play the fantasy sports games they love,” it added.

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