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The Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA) has called on licensed operators to check the data of all customers registered between 2 October and 20 October 2021.

The regulator understands that some consumers are still able to access the online gambling services of licensed firms despite being self-excluded under the country’s CRUKS register.

“This is only possible if the registration on the part of the provider has not gone well,” said the KSA.

The regulated online gambling market went live in the Netherlands on 1 October 2021 but was delayed by one day due to a technical fault with the CRUKS register.

Eleven operators have received a licence from the KSA to date. One of those firms – Holland Casino – was forced to postpone its online launch until 4 October after the CRUKS technical fault played havoc with its internal technology system.

Three months in and the self-exclusion register is still causing a headache for licensees.

The KSA said self-excluded players could still gain access to regulated gambling websites if their data was manually entered incorrectly by operators across categories including date of birth, citizen service number and even surname.

“The KSA cannot recover that because it is data in the provider’s system,” said the regulator. “The KSA therefore calls on providers to check the data.”

The KSA implemented an improvement on CRUKS from 20 October that meant licensed operators would receive a 404 error message if a player’s data was entered incorrectly after automatic verification with the Citizen Service Number Management Facility.

However, this was not the case during the first 18 days of the licensed market, which explains why the regulator is now asking operators to double check their historical data.

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