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Regal Technologies, an iGaming operations and technology company, is excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey with the launch of a Series A funding round.

This strategic move is set to accelerate our mission to revolutionise the iGaming landscape across North America.

Leadership and preparation

Our fundraise preparation is being expertly guided by Profitability Partners Holdings, a distinguished firm known for its strategic financial planning and capital market analysis.

With a team comprising former private equity investment professionals who have executed over $2.5bn in mergers and acquisitions and other transactions, Profitability Partners Holdings brings unparalleled expertise and insight to our fundraising efforts.

Their proven track record of optimising financial strategies and accelerating business growth ensures that Regal Technologies is well-prepared for this pivotal phase.

Our journey and vision

Founded on November 10th, 2019, in Lewes, Delaware, Regal Technologies embarked on its mission to transform the iGaming sector. Our journey began with early seed investments from leading figures in the tech and iGaming industries, showcasing the trust and belief in our vision and capabilities.

With these solid foundations, we launched SweepSlots.com in January 2020. This platform, designed for the next generation of online casino and social gaming enthusiasts, has already attracted over 120,000 active users, demonstrating our ability to meet and exceed market needs.

Series A Funding Objectives

A substantial portion of the Series A funds will be allocated towards scaling SweepSlots.com. This will involve significant investments in our marketing, media buys, product, engineering, operations, and customer experience teams.

Our commitment to delivering superior products and exceptional service is unwavering. With this investment, we aim to elevate the iGaming experience, ensuring that our users receive an unparalleled level of engagement and satisfaction.

The iGaming market landscape

The iGaming industry in North America is on the cusp of significant growth, with sweepstakes casinos and social gaming markets at the forefront. The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly favourable, and market trends indicate a surge in demand for innovative and engaging gaming platforms.

As per the statistics published on the Mordor Intelligence research website, the North America Gaming Market size is estimated at $68.57bn in 2024, and is expected to reach $103.83bn by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.65% during the forecast period (2024-2029).

The gaming market in North America saw unprecedented growth in recent years due to increased mobile penetration and the availability of new consoles in the North American market. This presents vast investment opportunities, and Regal Technologies is strategically positioned to capitalise on these trends.

Future innovations

In addition to scaling our current platform, we are developing a new product tailored for first-time investors from the millennial and Gen Z demographics.

This initiative, set to launch soon, aims to engage the younger generation, offering them a unique and compelling entry point into the world of iGaming. By tapping into this burgeoning market, we aim to expand our user base and drive further growth.

Team and expansion

Our success is driven by our exceptional team at Regal Technologies. Our culture promotes creativity and is anchored in a customer-first philosophy. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and their dedication and innovation have been crucial to our achievements.

As we continue to grow, we are actively seeking passionate individuals to join us in various roles. From engineering to customer support, we offer numerous opportunities for talented professionals to contribute to our mission of transforming the iGaming landscape from 1x to 100x.

Join us on our journey

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors, customers, and early supporters for their unwavering belief in our vision. Together, we are set to raise the bar in the iGaming sector. With your continued support, we can achieve extraordinary success and deliver an unmatched gaming experience to our users.

About Regal Technologies

Regal Technologies, operating under the DBA SweepSlots.com, is an online social and sweepstakes model casino offering digital gold coin packages. With prices ranging from $1.99 to $499.99, we serve the USA and Canadian markets, targeting adults aged 21 and over with interests in iGaming and gambling.

Our corporation, headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, and Orlando, Florida, currently generates approximately $1,000,000 in monthly revenue. We are seeking to raise $3m for 10% equity to fuel our next stage of growth.

Leadership team 

Armand Nannicola, CEO

Aamir Waheed, CFO 

John Nazario, CMO 

Shawn Waheed, COO

Fahad Khan, CSO

Don Powell, business development

Contact information 

Corporate Site: www.regaltllc.com 

Platform: www.sweepslots.com 

Contact email: shawnw@regaltllc.com 

Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, Delaware, 19958 / Orlando Offices

Join us as we continue to innovate and lead in the iGaming industry. Together, we are poised to achieve extraordinary success and redefine the future of online gaming.

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