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La Royale Gaming Investments has bold and ambitious plans to become a major player across online and land-based gaming.

The private venture equity fund is run by a team of industry veterans, led by CEO Dee Maher, with plans to acquire and invest in a range of businesses across the sector from online sportsbooks and casinos, to game aggregation platforms and bricks and mortar casinos.

Of course, it’s an interesting time for the wider industry with funding seemingly harder to come by than in previous years. Does this present an opportunity for La Royale Gaming Investments? Maher seems to think so. To learn more about the company and its plans, we sat down with its CEO.

NEXT: As a private venture equity fund, what untapped opportunities has La Royale Gaming Investments identified and how will you leverage them?

DM: This is a multi-faceted industry with some truly incredible businesses across a range of sectors that need investment and the support of experienced, seasoned leaders to help them grow and unlock their full potential.

From operators to suppliers, affiliates to payment companies, there are plenty of start-ups and rising star businesses that we can support both in terms of investment and guidance.

These are often highly innovative businesses that have something unique to bring to the table, they just need some additional help in generating that initial momentum that ultimately carries them through to being hugely successful.

My job as CEO is to identify these businesses and convey to their founders and CEOs why they should join forces with La Royale Gaming Investments.

NEXT: What makes now the right time for La Royale Gaming Investments to enter the fray?

DM: Securing capital is much harder now than it has been in recent years given the current economic climate.

La Royale Gaming is incredibly well-capitalised and ready to invest today, a position that will make us highly attractive to businesses seeking investment.

This is a fast-moving industry, and there are plenty of opportunities opening up as new markets embrace regulation, and new operators and suppliers get in on the action.

We want to be able to leverage any opportunity that we identify or that comes our way, and we are absolutely in a position to do this.

NEXT: What areas of the industry offer the greatest opportunities? Are there any markets that stand out and that you’ll look to prioritise?

DM: We are looking at businesses in all sectors but are especially keen to explore opportunities with online sportsbook and casino operators.

These can be highly successful businesses, but they do require capital and experience if they are to thrive in what are often highly competitive markets, especially those that are regulated.

In terms of specific markets, we are keeping a close eye on progress being made with online casino legislation in existing and emerging markets.

NEXT: How are you preparing the organisation to make moves in these areas of the industry? Just how important is experience in this regard?

DM: Being well-capitalised is important, but so too is building a team of top talent and unrivalled experience and we have been doing just that.

In recent months, we have welcomed veterans such as Boniface Vaneecloo, who joined La Royale as head of sports betting, and Eamonn Faulkner who joined as chief commercial officer.

Boniface has spent 17 years working across a range of roles with the likes of Betclic, Genius Sports and Groupe ZEturf, while Eammon comes to us from Videoslots where he was chief operating officer.

We have some more big hires in the works as we continue to strengthen our executive team.

The experience our team holds is undoubtedly a superpower for us and means we can make investments in a range of businesses with confidence.

NEXT: Your first move is Quanta, a cutting-edge game aggregation platform. Can you tell us more about this?

DM: Quanta is a premium game aggregation platform developed for the mass market.

It is one of the most advanced platforms in the business and will be stocked with 30 in-demand game studios when it hits the market in April. We will then work round the clock to onboard additional studios.

One of the major differentiators with Quanta is that we are offering operators the option to take exclusives with certain providers and games.

Stocking unique content in their lobbies gives operators a major point of difference over their rivals, drawing players to their brands. This in turn can boost revenues.

Quanta is also super competitive on price and comes with a support team that is highly knowledgeable and experienced. In short, everything an operator needs to build out its game portfolio via a single, sophisticated aggregation platform.

So if you are an operator looking to take your game lobby to the next level, or a studio looking to broaden your reach, get in touch with us today.

Dee Maher is the chief executive officer of La Royale Gaming Investments, a holding company that brings together a unique ecosystem of innovative offline and online gaming companies through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Maher is a true industry leader having held senior legal and compliance roles over a distinguished 15+ year career at some of the biggest companies in the space including Genesis Global, Betclic, Vera&John and Evolution Gaming.

As CEO of La Royale Gaming Investments, Maher is responsible for deploying the company’s ambitious growth and investment plans, as well as overseeing performance and identifying further areas of opportunity.

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