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With projected revenue of $100bn in 2024, the iGaming vertical seems to be alluring, and many affiliates want to grab a bite of this huge pie.

In this article, Nadia Said Sakh shares top her top five strategies to boost your revenue.

Nadia is an account manager and onboarding team lead at RichAds, an advertising network that was recognised as the best iGaming source of the year by SIGMA.

This guide will be useful for both professionals and newbies. Check out all the proven insights below!

Strategy 0: Choose your traffic source

Before getting down to actual foolproof methods of increasing your income on iGaming campaigns, it’s crucial to start with identifying which source you’re working with.

Our sincere recommendation for flawless campaigns is to choose the sources that have zero restrictions.

The thing is that popular sources such as influence traffic and social media have many limitations. For instance, in Malaysia and the Philippines, the governments actively restricts such ads.

Meta allows iGaming ads on Facebook only with written permission if such activities are legal in the region.

For this reason, we advise testing two formats for iGaming: push and pop ads. Both formats have zero restrictions in terms of creatives and landing pages, so you can use any wording for your Gambling ads.

The main pros of push ads is that it looks like direct messages and creates a personalisation effect. Furthermore, users agree to get such notifications voluntarily, so they would be more loyal to your ads. The price is quite affordable, starting from $0.05 per click at RichAds.

Pop ads are really simple in use — just a lander and a few settings, that’s it! The format is impossible to miss, as the window opens upon clicking on a certain place at the website.

While pop ads can be perceived as aggressive by some users, for iGaming it’s perfect, as players are really impulsive. In terms of pricing, it’s $0.5 for 1,000 views at RichAds.

Now let’s get down to more professional tips to actually scale your campaigns and get up to 200% return on investment (ROI).

Strategy 1: Start with A/B testing of creatives

When starting your iGaming campaigns, it’s crucial to take care of creatives and landing pages in advance.

A/B testing means trying different approaches within one offer and analysing which wording, icon, image or even landing page converts best. To do this properly, it’s crucial to research specifics of your chosen iGaming GEO and apply individualised approach.

Top eternal approaches for iGaming creatives

Bonuses and freespins: Any freebie will work, from the first deposit bonus to money for registration.

Gamification: Show real-time plays or apply some interactive elements on your landing to create the thrill of games.

Storytelling: Show pic of people who won and tell their stories on landers, or intrigue potential players on your creatives.

Local payment methods: Show which wallets or alternative methods are available in a chosen casino, especially for geographies where it’s not legal.

National symbols or mascots: Especially for Asian geographies, it’s great to show the local symbolism or even give bonuses for national holidays.

Time-limited offers: Use super-exclusive bonuses and tell players that they will soon expire to create a sense of urgency.

Famous influencers: There are a lot of bloggers that advertise casinos and similar activities, use them on your ads to build trust.

These are just a few approaches to test, but they actually show results from year to year, make sure you try them. For free localised creatives you can contact your manager at RichAds, and he’ll provide you with them.

Life hack: Speedy A/B testing

Scailing can also be done via A/B testing of geographies. If your offer works on multiple regions, try creating multiple campaigns, each on a specific geographies.

To do this faster, you can try Multigeo feature, it copies your settings from country to country.

Strategy 2: Choose the best bid and budgeting

Selecting the bid can be a harsh task, especially if you’re not used to working with your chosen geography. You may start with the lowest bid, though this is not the right way to do it.

There are three ways to avoid the difficult situation of not receiving any traffic, or spending all your budget in a day.

Ask your manager for help: The best and safe way is to talk to your account manager and ask which bid to choose for a geography.

Use Predictor feature: This is the algorithm at RichAds that predicts volumes you’ll get per chosen bid, so that you will get enough traffic.

Start campaign with Performance Mode or Target cost-per-action (CPA): Both of the functions work on AI and can do everything for you, including the bids choice. It means that you only need to specify your targeting and desired cost per action – that’s all!

For instance, with Performance Mode you can boost your click rate (CR) by 253% and reduce CPA by 79% – it’s proven by RichAds cases.

In terms of budgets, we advise to test at least 10 conversion prices per campaign to be able to analyse your results.

The spend per day can vary from $30 to an unlimited amount; it all depends on the offer and the action you want clients to take.

It’s also better to choose “ASAP” type of budget. This way, you’ll get traffic each time your bid wins the action, while “Even” will distribute your budget evenly throughout the day, without taking this parameter into account.

Strategy 3: Apply Premium group of sources

Each affiliate wants good results from the start, and avoiding too much optimisation is possible if you start with the best sources.

Let’s understand a bit more about the consistency of sources at RichAds. Basically, they are made of three groups:

  • Subscriber lists
  • Publishers
  • Sites

We highly recommend starting with bigger groups of sources, like supply-side platforms (SSPs).

If you only target smaller units like publishers and sites, you limit the amount of traffic and conversions you get from the start.

The best and most converting group of sources is Premium. It’s tested in advance by our team, carefully selected to provide our affiliates with the best result, has proven efficiency. Then, you can scale with Standard group.

Strategy 4: Analyse your results via Optimizer

Analysis is a key procedure before optimisation, though it can be tiresome if you do it using your tracker and campaign stats via different interfaces.

For this reason, we implement Optimizer. Its functionality allows you to see all stats in one place, correct bids, turn off/on traffic sources, change targeting, and more!

How can the Optimizer simplify campaign management?

By using this feature, you can easily adjust targeting settings directly from the statistics page, allowing for quick optimisation of your campaign.

You can swiftly review targeting statistics, deactivate ineffective elements, and categorise them into a blacklist or whitelist.

This tool provides sorting options for six different targeting criteria, including subscriber lists, publishers, sites, operating systems, creatives, and devices.

You can see such metrics as medium cost per action, click-through rate (CTR), conversions, conversion rate (CVR), as well as win rate.

This way, you see everything you need in one interface and can make your own conclusions before optimising your campaigns.

Strategy 5: Automate your optimisation

The last part of boosting your revenue on iGaming campaigns is optimising your contribution and earnings.

There are two ways to do it: manually and automatically.

If you do it manually, you’ll need to check which sources didn’t convert or bought less profit and turn it off yourself, which may take some good amount of time.

The best way to do it is via AI-based tools, especially we’d recommend using automated rules. This feature is accessible to users who have implemented conversion tracking on our platform.

Automated rules typically enable the exclusion of sites and publishers if the cost per conversion exceeds the target amount or if no conversions occur.

Automated rules example

While usually used for turning off sources, or blacklisting, automated rules in this case focused on the whitelisting of smaller sources, like sites.

The campaign of our client ran for 77 days without any optimisation. Their desired cost per conversion was $10.

We then set a rule for sites: if a site brings the desired conversion price, it is sent to the white list.

As you can see, after setting up automated rules, the amount of conversions boosted, and the price of the conversions reduced.

Start boosting your iGaming ROI

That’s all the insights on launching iGaming campaigns, from creatives and bids, to campaign analysis and optimisation.

Now take your gambling offer and run it on RichAds traffic, gain skyrocketing results, and use our flagman features to speed up and simplify your work.

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