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According to Statista, in 2022 the revenue in the iGaming market was valued at about $80bn, while in 2023 seamlessly hitting the mark of over $88bn. By the end of 2024, it is expected to expand up to $100bn, which is anyway considered a very humble projection!

All mentioned figures make Gambling one of the most profitable niches in the affiliate marketing industry, while popunders hold the place among the most effective ad formats. Wonder what if those combined were put at work on a fast developing geo such as Indonesia? We asked experts to shed some light!

Anastasia Kazakova, a chief commercial officer at RichAds ad network, will share the expertise this time. RichAds is an awards-holding platform as the best iGaming traffic source by SiGMA Europe 2022 and the best breakout traffic source by Affiliate World Dubai 2024. Anastasia will help to break-down the pop ads impact on the Indonesian iGaming market and explain how to gain profit on the combination!

Why is Indonesia so profitable for online Gambling advertising?

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the Indonesians, regardless of many cultural and legal restrictions, are very interested in the iGaming activities.

The audience size in the region exceeds 24 million gamblers, which is almost a 10% cut of the total populace! Also, according to Start.io report on Indonesia, among the players there prevail females aged 18-24, which provides a doorway to seamless online advertising. Anastasia Kazakova highlights the rich variety of products favoured by the Indonesian gambling audience. “The audience is interested in a huge variety of games from online poker to crash games. Plus to that, the gamblers in such regions perceive gambling as a way to earn money rather than pure entertainment, which drives new products to the market.”

From the iGaming industry perspective, Indonesia is highly attractive with the audience’s financial solvency. According to PPATK, only during 2022 and 2023, about 800 trillion rupiahs (over $50bn) were spent on online Gambling by players there. Also, according to data from Statista, the profit from online gambling in Indonesia will reach $19.8m, with an increase of 8.6% over the past five years.

The region is gaining popularity among affiliates as well due to its affordability and high profits. “The minimum popunder bids for a thousand views on Indonesia start from $4 – $7, which are not that low at first look, but meet the increasing traffic volumes”, Anastasia explains. “At RichAds we’ve experienced a rapid growth of Gambling offers launched with popunder ads in Indonesia, as only during March 2024 they brought over 30 million impressions!”

How to make money on iGaming offers with popunders: Indonesia edition

To start off, popunders, unlike other sources such as Facebook and Google, don’t have restrictions on the advertising content for online casinos. It is very important to note that in March 2024, the Indonesian authorities expressed particular concern about advertising on social networks, in particular on the X (former Twitter) network, and most likely such ads will be blocked in the near future.

Also, pop ads have some noticeable advantages, allowing effective promotion of the iGaming offers. Firstly, popunders are one of the oldest advertising formats on the internet, and during their history have proved their efficiency. Plus to that, it’s easy to start working with them, as no creatives needed — pops get users directly to the landing page with the offer and can be initiated by just a click on a page with a certain script! Such an aggressive approach works perfectly for Gambling offers, because it’s really hard for the potential to miss the ad.

According to Anastasia, the popunder ads might already lead the top anytime soon. “Pops constantly feature Gambling niche among the top profitable based on regular platform reports. They are beginner-friendly, already have high CR, massive traffic volumes with a wide geo coverage, and relatively cheap CPM bids. Only during March 2024, pops performed in over 440 million impressions at RichAds, bringing a very good monthly result!”

Below RichAds team listed some useful tips on advertising with pops, that are recommended to follow for high profits from Gambling offers promotion!

1. Choose a landing page approach

The Gambling promotion with pops can be pulled with landing and pre-landing pages. A pre-landing serves as a welcoming, offering a free-spins fortune wheel with bonuses after registration, and aims to engage and warm-up the audience. All-in-one landing page presents the main offer straight away, usually featuring the brand, simple registration form and promised bonuses.

“Keep in mind that since the pre-landing or landing pages are going to be the first thing users get to know about the product, they must be seamless to interact with. Make sure, the page is properly localized and features all the popular payment methods in the region, for example in Indonesia it’s OVO, Xendit, GoPay, DANA, LinkAja and Jenius. Also, beware of the overloading. Users won’t wait for the ad to show, so it must weigh less than 200Kb and load faster than 1 second, which can be helped with connected CDN or VPS”, adds Anastasia.

2. Implement the best settings

While adjusting a popunder campaign, set up the widest options possible, to gather enough data on the audience for further analysis and optimisation. That is in regard to targeting parameters, traffic quality and campaign optimisation.

You can simply set basic targeting, specifying a country/region, device (we recommend dividing mobile and desktop campaigns, as CPM bids vary), browser language and optionally the most popular mobile carrier if the offer is run on mobile devices.

Always make sure to launch ad campaigns on the highest quality traffic. At RichAds all traffic is traditionally divided into four groups: Premium (best performing traffic sources regardless of the niche), Standard, Remnant and New. Premium sources are recommended, since they provide the most vivid results for further optimisation. RichAds have integrated AdScore anti-fraud verification to prevent low quality traffic on pops.

For popunders it is also essential to choose the optimal CPM bid. If your bid is too high, you’ll run out of budget pretty quick, and won’t get enough data to analyse the audience. If you set it too low, there’s a chance that you won’t get any traffic at all! “To get to know what bid would best suit your offer promotion, you can contact your manager at RichAds. Also RichAds offers a unique in-house feature Predictor — an AI-based system, that predicts the amount of traffic you will get by selected CPM bid”, as pointed out by Anastasia Kazakova.

3. Optimise your popunder campaign

Not many who start working with pops know, but optimisation is what brings the main profits for your campaign. During it you add the most converting sources into whitelists to target them actively, and turn off the poor performing ones to avoid paying for no profit. Most of the time you can speed up the optimisation process, utilising the platform’s features.

“At RichAds you can set up campaigns in Performance mode, which updates fresh whitelists weekly and adds them to your campaign. Also you can use Automated rules that allow you to sort traffic sources into blacklists automatically based on set criteria of their performance”, says Anastasia from RichAds.

One of the most useful features for optimisation is Micro bidding, with the help of which you can set custom bids for certain target parameters and thus adjust spendings.

You can launch a popunder campaign at RichAds self-serve advertising platform right now! It features over 220 geos from Tier 3 to Tier 1, useful tools to boost campaigns and managers to assist you in the affiliate marketing journey. Start earning big promoting Gambling offers in Indonesia on pop ads traffic by RichAds!

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