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Since the beginning of the iGaming NEXT Podcasts last year, more than 50 engaging Podcasts have been released, featuring some of the most prominent figures in the iGaming industry. Starting with the original host Pierre Lindh, iGaming NEXT, Co-founder, the Podcast series has just been joined by three more exceptional hosts, all of which have immense knowledge and considerable experience in the iGaming industry – Jesper Kärrbrink, Green Jade Games, Chairman, Karolina Pelc, Founder and CEO SharedPlay, Gaming Consultant, and Heidi Lofthus, Project Director, HR Connect at iGaming NEXT, respectively. The core of the podcast always resonated with its slogan – ‘Future Trends, Deep Insights, Industry Leaders’ and with this in mind we will always make sure to reach our viewers’ expectations. The Podcasts are routinely released on multiple platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Spotify and Anchor making it easy for everybody to view on their preferred one. Attracting an audience base of more than 1000+ listeners/viewers/episode in total, the iGaming NEXT Podcasts continue to see growing engagement and support from its audience.

Pierre Lindh enthusiastically remarked: “The iGaming NEXT: Podcast was a project that was born out of the pandemic which offers industry professionals a way to stay up to date with the industry in a time of no in-person events. It has now grown to become the primary podcast of the entire industry. I’m really proud to be joined by Jesper, Karolina and Heidi as we now take the podcast to the next level”.

With continuous effort behind the scenes, we move towards our vision – consolidating the iGaming industry with open discussion. As of now, we are working towards reaching out to more industry leaders and widening our audience base. With the increasing number of content online, we need to stand out in terms of quality and integrity. We have always been upfront about the issues of the iGaming industries in our podcast, which we plan to do in the future as well. Keeping that in mind, our team is always working hard to keep the podcast on the edge as it grows to a wider audience base.

Podcast by Pierre Lindh #33 – Jesper Svensson, CEO, Betsson Group – https://youtu.be/WU-GR9Q2zlU.

Podcast by Jesper Kärrbrink #1 – Kresimir Spajic (Deep dive into the US market) – https://youtu.be/kqMVU9Qu5rs.

Podcast by Karolina Pelc #1 – Ulrik Bengtsson, WilliamHILL, Chief Executive Officer – https://youtu.be/6Ju5YV5DIb0.

Podcast by Heidi Lofthus #1 – Ken Weary, VP, Operations, Hotjar – https://youtu.be/dZlOcDE1mZw.

About iGaming NEXT

Above and beyond an iGaming Conference, iGaming NEXT is an exclusive concept, similar to Apple’s yearly reveal event but combined with the presentation quality and attention of a TED conference. iGaming NEXT presents concrete products such as iGaming Next Podcast, iGaming Next Power Hour, iGaming Idol, iGaming Invitational, HR Connect and technology roadmaps from the industry’s top suppliers plus a wealth of knowledge from internationally renowned keynote speakers; an exclusive, unparalleled opportunity to delve into the extraordinary and fast-paced iGaming industry.

For more info, including the iGaming NEXT calendar of events, please visit https://next.io/ or contact gerda@next.io.