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During its past editions, iGaming NEXT has brought together some of the most influential leaders in the industry together with world celebrated keynote speakers. A mainstay event for the industry, iGaming NEXT has served as an inspiring hotbed for ground-breaking mindsets and innovations. Continuing in this tradition, iGaming NEXT’s flagship digital event of 2020 Adventure of Change will be organised together with 5,000 delegates on the 10th, 11th and 12th November 2020, where 60 high-level speakers will delve into the future of our industry through a highly engaging format at our cutting-edge digital conference platform. The delegates will be able to network and join in the conversation through digital roundtable discussions and gain more valuable insight into the workings of our young, vibrant sector 

Ladies and gents please welcome our Presenter Partners 

 Since inception, iGaming NEXT has proved itself as the trailblazing event leader of the industry and 2020’s Adventure of Change edition is yet another dynamic landmark in its ever-growing portfolioBut not onlyThrough our events we consistently offer our partners incredible, efficient tools to build their own database and it is therefore hugely thrilling to be acknowledged year after year by the industry’s key movers and shakersFor this reason, iGaming NEXT is excited to announce industry leaders Salesforce & iTechArt, Scientific Games and Internet Vikings as 2020 iGaming NEXT: Adventure of Change’s Presenter Partners.  

 Owen GrennanSalesforce Country Manager Malta commentedIn collaboration with our partner, iTechArt, we at Salesforce are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s edition of iGaming NEXT Online. These events are hugely important to Salesforce as they provide us with a platform to connect, share best practices, and collaborate with our customers and partners in Malta and the Mediterranean. We look forward to meeting all the attendees and advising them on how to successfully digitally transform iGaming. 

 Ekaterina Rusakovich, Business Development Director, Salesforce Services at iTechArt Group remarked, “I’m happy that our continued collaboration and partnership with Salesforce have brought us to iGaming NEXT, where we will get a chance to deliver useful insights for the iGaming experts to prove our commitment to innovation and excellence. We’ve been leveraging iGaming solutions for quite a time and are extremely happy to share our best practices in this field that are proved by our happy clients’ experiences. 

 Online gaming gained momentum during the pandemic. During my presentation, we will discuss different actions meant to secure brand visibility and retain customers,” noted Peter Ekmark, CEO at Internet Vikings. 

 Dylan Slaney, SVP Gaming, Scientific Games Digital commented, “Here at Scientific Games, we share iGaming NEXT’s vision of propelling the industry forward through insightful discussions and productive interactions. We hope that through our sponsorship we further promote the nurturing of innovation – which, after all, is the mainstay of our industry.” 

 The evolution of iGaming NEXT continues… 

 It is only through the valuable backing of companies such as Salesforce & iTechArt, Scientific Games and Internet Vikings that iGaming NEXT can continue to serve as an inspirational force for the industry, bolstering its adaptability and propelling it further into an exciting future… 

 iGaming NEXT co-founder Pierre LindhobservedSociety, culture and business are changing quickly at the moment. It is the organisations and individuals who dare to innovate and work hard who will eventually come out of the COVID-19 pandemic in a stronger position and that’s why we titled our flagship digital event ‘Adventure of Change’ because where some see obstacles, others see opportunity. We are thrilled to be supported by some of the most innovative and adaptive organisations such as Salesforce, iTechArt, Scientific Games and Internet Vikings, which are helping us to make our flagship digital event 10-12th November a success. 

 About iGaming NEXT 

Above and beyond an iGaming Conference, iGaming NEXT started as an exclusive concept, similar to Apple’s yearly reveal event but combined with the presentation quality and attention of a TED conference. Further on, iGaming NEXT branched out into online events and other online concepts. For both physical and online events, iGaming NEXT presents concrete product and technology roadmaps from the industry’s top suppliers plus a wealth of knowledge from internationally renowned keynote speakers; an exclusive, unparalleled opportunity to delve into the extraordinary and fast-paced gaming industry.