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iGaming NEXT’s third conference aims to ‘propel’ the industry into a new era, as the world emerges from a period of unprecedented change to all walks of life and business.

iGaming NEXT: Bright Future will take place online across 8th – 9th June, with 5000 delegates and some 30 influential speakers. It follows the thought leadership platform’s two successful previous events, one in 2019 and November’s inaugural digital event, iGaming NEXT Online.

Featuring Google industry head Chris Harrison and investment experts such as Morgan Stanley’s Thomas Allen and Symmetry Invest partner Andreas Aaen, iGaming NEXT: Bright Future will offer delegates a masterclass in the latest igaming tech, investment and innovation.

Next week’s event was curated during the eye of the covid-19 storm and reflects the turmoil, opportunity and evolution that is presented by these unpreceded times.

Like all iGaming NEXT events, the concept is similar to Apple’s yearly reveal event but combined with the presentation quality of a TED conference

“One of the goals of this conference is to inspire the igaming industry by hosting influential professionals and innovators from outside of the industry, to help propel the igaming industry into the future of innovation’, said iGaming NEXT founder and CEO Pierre Lindh, ahead of the event.

The ambitious two-day agenda brings together igaming’s most brilliant minds, a no-holds barred Ask Me Anything CEO panel, featuring Eyas Gaming’s Michael Brady and Microgaming’s John Coleman will launch the event at 10am CET on Tuesday. The session will offer unparalleled insight into the panellists’ aspirations, challenges and observations on the market.

This theme continues with “Mistakes, F**kups, and thriving as a leader” later in the day, featuring Betsson Group CEO Jesper Svensson and Raketech’s Oskar Muhlbach, sharing learning from their decades of shared experience in the industry, including the darker moments.

The agenda reveals an honest 360 view of business leadership, which resonates in the post-covid era, when many of us have learnt to take a less blinkered approach to life and work. “It is not always just about the money!” looks at the creative force behind successful businesses, asking what really makes them successful; product, passion or sustainability?

As bitcoin finds its feet again after a steep decline in recent months and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to upend the worlds of gaming, sport and art, day two of the event picks up on these developing areas.

ThinkChangers managing director Stefan Kovach and founder of Coingaming Group and general partner at Yolo Investments Tim Heath will look at how NFTs stand to shape the industry, while Green Jade Games chairman Jesper Kärrbrink and Kindred CEO Henrik Tjärnström discuss the role of crypto alongside, social responsibility and the maturing US market.

In more a perennial vein, but timely in light the UK’s Gambling Act review, Aspire Global sustainability manager Leisbeth Oost and Edison Group director of environmental, social, and corporate governance Kelly Perry will discuss how the industry can eliminate the stigma around gambling and demonstrate its potential alongside all other forms of entertainment.