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Data protection is one of the most important factors for any iGaming enterprise. The need to protect and manage data efficiently is essential to a functioning business and a good relationship with your customers.

The threat of data breaches and cyberattacks is ever-present, and in an industry like iGaming, having the correct protection and security protocols in place is essential.

As the iGaming industry grows and regulations change, more companies are looking to adopt a hybrid-cloud infrastructure to keep up with modern demands.

A hybrid cloud is a cloud environment that uses a mix of private or public cloud services and on-premises data centres and systems, providing companies with the benefits of both systems.

Making this switch provides companies with more security, agility, and resilience, all of which are essential for data management.

A hybrid cloud infrastructure allows companies to share workloads and data between two or more different environments.

This provides flexibility, as well as boosting data resilience and security.

Of course, the demands will differ between companies, which is where products like Fujitsu’s uSCALE can step in.

uSCALE is a fully scalable service that allows customers to moderate their usage and scale it accordingly. This, in turn, helps them become more flexible and to optimise their performance.

It also proves to be cost-effective, with businesses not burning through resources and needing to purchase equipment and services that they cannot use.

This flexibility can be essential as companies continue to grow. By storing critical data on-premises, the company are free to scale the cloud as and when they are needed to meet their demands.

When it comes to data protection, a hybrid-cloud approach provides plenty of flexibility.

The iGaming industry is heavily regulated, and different markets will have different requirements.

Data management and privacy laws can vary from market to market, and companies need a system that allows them to adapt accordingly.

In most cases, storing critical user data on a public cloud could be seen as neglectful and likely prohibited.

With a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, companies can keep sensitive data on-premises, with full security and control, maintaining complete authority and responsibility over this.

They can then use the public or private cloud to deal with other business data. This is just one solution, but it is an example of the flexible approach that having a hybrid cloud provides.

Using a hybrid cloud infrastructure can also be an effective way of boosting your data resilience.

A lack of data resilience can be hugely problematic for iGaming companies, especially sports betting companies that rely on their services being consistently active.

Using a hybrid cloud system allows companies to store data in multiple locations, which means that there is an instant backup ready to go if there are any sort of blips.

Hybrid cloud solutions, such as Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX, will use an automated takeover system to ensure that, if one system cuts, then another one instantly steps in, with no interference to the overall customer experience.

Fujitsu works closely with a number of partners, including Intel, to ensure that its clients have strong data resilience and are prepared for any potential issues that may appear.

In an increasingly evolving online world, data security is absolutely paramount.

With cyberattacks and data leaks becoming more advanced, having the best security protocols and infrastructures in place is the key to surviving.

The iGaming industry manages huge volumes of data every day, and companies need flexibility, security, and resilience to prosper. 

Adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure is one of the most effective steps a company can take on their data protection journey.

Nick McDonald is an accomplished account director with seven years of experience in the iGaming industry heading up the iGaming team within Fujitsu. Nick has worked with some of the largest platform providers in the space and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for clients.

As an expert in the field focused on data and hybrid cloud solutions, Nick is well-versed in the latest industry trends and best practices with a passion for delivering flexible and reliable technology solutions globally, and has a keen eye for identifying opportunities to help drive growth and revenue in the iGaming space through technology.

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