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In the ever-evolving world of iGaming, the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) cannot be overstated.

Keyword rankings can significantly influence traffic to gaming platforms and online casinos, with “free spins” long reigning supreme as a golden keyword in the industry.

However, a recent phenomenon has shaken this established order, thanks to the mobile game “Coin Master.”

What is Coin Master?

Developed by Moon Active, Coin Master is a mobile game that skillfully blends elements of strategy, resource management, and multiplayer interactions.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the game offers players the chance to build and upgrade their own villages using coins earned from spinning a slot machine-like mechanism.

In Coin Master, players can earn coins, attack other players’ villages for loot, or defend their own from attacks. The coins gathered are used to construct and upgrade buildings within the player’s village, thereby unlocking new features and rewards. Progressing through the game, players unlock new villages and advance through different levels.

Beyond the strategy and resource management elements, Coin Master has a significant social component. Players can connect with friends, trade cards to complete sets, and gain additional bonuses and rewards. A spinning wheel in the game offers various items including, notably, “free spins”, coins, and other in-game resources.

The shift in keyword popularity

Traditionally, the keyword “free spins” has been a major driver of organic traffic to online casinos and casino affiliate websites, predominantly tied to slot games and the tantalising prospect of playing these games for free.

But recently, the phrase “Coin Master free spins” has begun outranking this tried-and-true keyword.

In fact, “Coin Master free spins” has started outranking the traditional “free spins” keyword in online search rankings even for some long-established casino affiliate websites.

This change has shaken high-ranking online casinos and their affiliate websites, who are now finding themselves overshadowed by this mobile game’s burgeoning popularity.

Case study

Several high-ranking casino affiliate websites have lost their rankings due to Coin Master’ unexpected rise. A notable example includes free-spins.net, which saw significant traffic drops due to their demotion in “free spins” keyword rankings.

Implications for online casinos and affiliate websites

High-ranking casinos and their affiliates have been dethroned from their top spots in search engine results, as users increasingly search for “Coin Master free spins.”

The impact of this change on online casinos and affiliate websites has been considerable. The drop in keyword ranking for “free spins” has affected these sites’ visibility, with potential repercussions for their revenues.

Faced with this new challenge, these entities must recalibrate their SEO strategies. One possible solution could be optimising for long-tail keywords related to “free spins” to regain some lost traffic. However, this strategy requires a delicate balancing act to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Understanding the popularity of Coin Master

Coin Master’ surge in popularity in parts of Europe and Latin America has come as a surprise to many. The game cleverly uses the lure of “free spins” to engage players, thus successfully associating itself with a keyphrase traditionally linked to online casinos.

Its ability to offer users a gambling-like experience without the monetary risk might be one reason for its success. Let’s dig deeper.

Coin Master’ success analysis

Coin Master’ appeal lies in its universal accessibility. Belonging to the hyper-casual gaming genre, it is free to play, requires minimal cognitive investment, and is simple enough for everyone, from children to grandparents, to enjoy.

The game mechanics are straightforward: players use spins, coins, raids, and attacks to elevate their Viking village on the leaderboard. The added dimensions of collecting cards and earning pets further enhance the gameplay experience.

Coin Master’ numbers are a testament to its massive success. The game has racked up more than 300 million worldwide downloads, 45 million of which were in 2022 alone.

Although the number of downloads peaked in 2020, with more than 17 million in May 2022, Coin Master still maintains a healthy player base, adding over 3 million new users each month.

A significant factor contributing to this success is Coin Master’ approach to user acquisition. The game’s developers have effectively targeted the US market, leveraging high-profile US celebrities to advertise the game.

This strategy has clearly paid off, with players unable to resist engaging in a game endorsed by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kris Jenner.

Coin Master and the “free spins” keyword connection

Coin Master has strategically integrated a plethora of social features into its gameplay, incentivizing players to connect with their Facebook friends for extra rewards. The game further fosters social interaction through features allowing for revenge, bragging rights, and more.

While the game is teeming with exciting layers of content – from events to village news – its monetisation strategy is our primary focus. And there’s a lot to learn from it.

Coin Master’ monetisation is intimately tied to its genre. Falling into both the casual and casino category on Google Play, with strong social features, it could be classified as a social casino game.

Typically, 71% of casual games and 61% of casino games monetize through in-app purchases, according to Unity. For Coin Master, its casino features manifest in the form of slot machine spinning, while its social aspects are embodied in the PvP gameplay.

Central to Coin Master’ monetisation strategy is the concept of free spins. Players start off with a generous number of free spins on the slot machine, which inevitably decrease as the game progresses.

After a few hours of gameplay, players will need to wait to accumulate enough free spins to continue building their village. Once out of free spins, players are presented with multiple options to continue gameplay, including in-app purchases.

The future of iGaming SEO

The rise of “Coin Master free spins” could signal a broader trend in iGaming SEO. This shift might prompt online casinos and affiliates to diversify their SEO strategies, integrating more long-tail and game-specific keywords.

Whether this is a temporary phenomenon or a sustained shift remains to be seen. However, it’s clear that the gaming landscape is changing, and iGaming entities must adapt to stay competitive.

In a nutshell

The rise of Coin Master serves as a poignant reminder of the volatility of SEO in the iGaming industry. As “Coin Master free spins” dethrones the staple “free spins” keyword, online casinos and affiliate websites face new challenges.

The future of iGaming SEO seems destined for more complexity, as new players like Coin Master redefine the rules of the game.

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