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Dietmar Hermjohannes, founder and managing director of the GAMOMAT Group, talks about Corporate Social Responsibility and how important it is to him.

Under his leadership, GAMOMAT expertly transitioned from the land-based market to establish itself as an iGaming B2B provider.

While there were changes along the way, one enduring belief is that for the game designer and passionate entrepreneur, the individual remains paramount.

iGN: What is the Gaming for the Climate initiative?

DH: Thank you very much for speaking with me today. I’d absolutely love to share more about the Gaming for the Climate initiative as the fight against the climate crisis is a cause we deeply care about.

The initiative is an ongoing environmental project that we launched in December 2021. A portion of the revenue raised from selected games is gifted to organisations that actively combat climate change and inspire environmental conservation.

We designed the initiative to leverage the influence of iGaming to increase awareness about climate change and support environmental sustainability.

We’re very proud of the project as it encapsulates GAMOMAT’s commitment to ethical leadership, social responsibility, and environmental preservation within the iGaming industry.

iGN: Do you have any other examples for the commitment of GAMOMAT Corporate Social Responsibility?

DH: For sure, I’d be delighted to mention two in particular. On the social side I’d like to focus on one of many projects we are supporting.

It’s the Berlin-based organisation Krisenchat (Crisis Chat) we have been supporting for several years. The organisation set up a service where experienced psychologists volunteer their time to provide children and young people with free, confidential advice.

The service, which helps to significantly improve young people’s resilience, is a cause close to our hearts, and we’re proud to provide it with financial support. With this year’s GAMOMAT donation they are able to help 500 people in need.

Otherwise, it goes without saying that we want to be a climate-neutral company. Working with a team of independent experts, we calculated our company’s carbon footprint based on the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

We then used this to define smart goals and measures to reduce and offset our carbon emissions.

iGN: What has been the broader impact of the Gaming for the Climate initiative across the industry so far?

DH: The Gaming for the Climate initiative has significantly raised environmental awareness by placing the environmental conversation into more communities.

Our games have gone beyond pure enjoyment and now benefit important environmental causes. The idea behind is to marry entertainment and environmental consciousness and we have been very successful in doing this.

iGN: Which projects have been supported by Gaming for the Climate up to now and how have they contributed to promoting environmental sustainability?

DH: The Gaming for the Climate initiative is continuing to successfully support two amazing and impactful projects to date.

First to launch the initiative in 2021 was our game, ‘Book of Oasis’, which advances the narrative around protecting our marine world.

It was a natural fit that we supported Healthy Seas, a global organisation who specialise on removing ghost-nets and plastic waste from the oceans, conducting preventative activities with fishing workers, and promoting global ocean health awareness.

Our follow-up project is in partnership with our game ‘Monkey Mania’, which went live in November last year. The game’s jungle-themed characters highlight our commitment to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS). The organisation supports orangutan and rainforest conservation efforts.

Our financial contributions have helped to protect over 200,000 hectares of untouched rainforest in Borneo’s Mawas region in Indonesia, establish fire patrol units at critical hotspots, and reforest destroyed land.

iGN: Can you tell us about the most recent organisation you’re working with?

DH: I’d love to. The latest one to join our active campaigns is a wonderful organisation – the renowned African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

They are a global conservation organisation focused on protecting wildlife and their habitats across Africa. This year’s focus was on addressing the protection of vital lion habitats.

A percentage of the GAMOMAT revenue accrued by our much-loved game ‘Lava Lions’ will now directly contribute to supporting AWF’s mission in protecting the Tsavo Conversation Area in Kenya.

The funds will bolster regional conservation strategies, including community engagement in land-use planning and restoration, as well as promoting land conservation and forest management. These efforts aim to protect a habitat that is home to around 430 lions.

iGN: How does the selection process work to ensure you partner with the “right” organisation?

DH: Our selection process is guided by clear criteria and guidelines, outlining the kind of organisations we wish to support and the goals we intend to achieve.

We have a comprehensive checklist of Do’s and Don’ts, and potential partners must meet our specific criteria. On top of this, we have implemented our own audit system which organisations must meet.

For example, we thoroughly analyse financial reports to make sure that our donation will be used where it’s needed most. As one of our five core values is being a ‘Dream Partner’, we are always looking for organisations that meet these criteria along with our other corporate values.

This rigorous process ensures that our donations are directed towards organisations that can make a significant impact on environmental conservation.

Finally, it’s paramount that the game themes and environmental projects chosen have synergies. If the themes share the right climate project characteristics, then we can maximise the impact when our partners promote them to amplify awareness around their mission.

iGN: Why is it so important for the iGaming industry to highlight the climate crisis?

DH: Highlighting the climate crisis in the iGaming industry is vital due to its broad reach and cultural influence. As a robust and thriving industry I’m adamant that we should use this power for good.

Although the iGaming industry’s direct environmental impact may be limited given its digital nature, we have a unique ability to educate a wide and diverse audience about environmental issues.

By incorporating climate-related themes into games, the industry can motivate players to adopt sustainable behaviours.

Additionally, addressing the climate crisis aligns the industry with evolving societal values, attracting socially conscious players, investors, and talent.

iGN: What does the future hold for the Gaming for the Climate initiative?

DH: I couldn’t be prouder of the initiative so far and we’re still in the relatively early stages. The health of our environment is our biggest concern, and we are committed to continuing our fight against the climate crisis.

We now have three live campaigns and each year we will add another game to the initiative that will help with fundraising and promoting the fine work going on.

Effectiveness and how the various projects continue to be received will be crucial in what happens in the coming years. GAMOMAT’s commitment to sustainability and evolving societal and industry priorities will remain absolute.

If the initiative continues to have the impact we expect, then we envisage its expansion to incorporate more games in partnership with environmental organisations.

As it grows it will integrate further sustainability-focused efforts within our business practices. I strongly believe in the synergy between responsible gaming and environmental contributions, and we plan to passionately pursue this initiative.

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