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As the iGaming industry evolves, the strategic utilisation of promotional activities has become increasingly pivotal for operators seeking to stand out in a crowded market. But how exactly has the landscape changed with the widespread adoption of these promotional tools? What variables dictate the success or failure of these promotional endeavours?

Today, we’re fortunate to have a conversation with Olga Hlukhovskaya, head of the account management division at 1spin4win, to find the answers to these questions and learn more about the unique promotional opportunities presented by 1spin4win.

NEXT: How important are promotional tools for online casino operators in 2024?

OH: For sure, promotional tools have become essential for casinos aiming to stay competitive by attracting new players and retaining the interest of existing ones, thereby strengthening brand loyalty.

Online game providers have also responded to the acute need for such tools by integrating this functionality, offering not just games but also promotional tools.

For instance, 1spin4win has developed an automated Cash & Drops promo tool. Its key feature is that the entire process is managed on our end: from casino integration to instant winnings credited to players’ accounts. This is an incredibly convenient solution for our clients; they simply need to inform us of their desire to participate in the promotion and notify their players about the upcoming campaign.

NEXT: What results do your clients achieve with Cash & Drops promo?

OH: The effectiveness of our network promotions is backed by numbers: the average bet increases by 30-40%. Bets count, bets sum, and GGR double at least. However, these figures may vary depending on the following factors:

Minimum bet size for player participation in the promo.

Date and duration of the promo.

Volume of promo advertising from online casinos to their players.

Size of the casino (the larger the client, the less noticeable the percentage increase against larger betting volumes and GGR).

Competitor activity during that period and their promo offerings.

Thus, for an online casino where 1spin4win is a new provider and our games are just being introduced to players, key metrics such as bets count, bets sum, and GGR can increase by 500% or more during a promo. However, for casinos where we are already established and players regularly enjoy our games, the increase will be smaller in percentage terms but higher in monetary value since we already hold a significant share of the total bets among all providers on the platform.

Individual Cash & Drops campaigns for specific clients help test different combinations in various regions and determine the most effective option, including the game set participating in the promo, minimum bet size, theme, dates, and other parameters.

NEXT: Do you offer any other promotional activities for online casinos?

OH: Absolutely, we offer a range of tailored promotional activities beyond Cash & Drops.

For example, 1spin4win provides discounted placement of popular games in online casino lobbies, with selections made based on specific geographic regions and casino characteristics. Additionally, players can enjoy free spins across all our games, as this feature is fully supported.

Furthermore, we frequently offer clients pre-release access based on thorough analyses of game success with various mechanics. Another option involves crafting branded games customised for specific casinos.

It’s important to highlight 1spin4win’s enthusiasm for participating in operator promotions, as each well-selected promotional activity serves to bolster player loyalty and foster increased interest in the casino.

NEXT: What are 1spin4win’s plans for this year?

OH: We plan to introduce two additional mechanics for Cash & Drops, which are not commonly seen among game providers: Cash & Drops with Multiplayers and Cash & Drops with Free Spins.

Additionally, 1spin4win will continue to launch standard network and individual Cash & Drops promotions, as they remain highly popular among iGaming operators and players.

NEXT: Should online casino operators experiment with new promotional tools or stick to what they know best?

OH: Certainly, they should. By embracing new promotional tools, operators not only avoid loss or player deterrence but also offer a fresh experience. This innovation could lead to a successful unique selling proposition in the market or provide valuable insights through experimentation. The best strategy for online casinos involves a blend of proven methods with the exploration of new ones.

Olga Hlukhovskaya is an expert with over 5 years of experience in the iGaming industry. Olga works as the head of the account management division at 1spin4win. She and her team of account managers assist online operators in organizing effective promotions and maximizing their success.

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