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In this Q&A, Playson head of marketing Oleg Profatylo explores the different ways in which industry media can be leveraged to help businesses achieve their goals.

NEXT: How does Playson collaborate with industry publications in order to achieve strategic goals?

OP: Playson collaborates with industry media in three key ways. Firstly, we seek to build connections with potential operator partners and reach players indirectly. Media coverage initiates conversations with future partners before formal introductions have taken place.

Reputable publications with a strong social media presence enable us to receive valuable feedback, while they host events and foster communications which bridges the gap between online and real-world aspects of the industry. In our view, NEXT.io exemplifies this. Moreover, online publications offer targeted and flexible ways to reach a global audience or specific regions for expansion which allow us to achieve our goals.

Industry media also informs our decision making. It keeps us abreast of industry news and trends and offers free access to valuable insights from leaders in the space. Finally, it is a valuable source of data. Partnering with industry media provides access to simple demographic information, allows us to analyse client conversion paths, or receive more complex insights. Prominent affiliate websites which gather player communities are effectively a focus group of thousands of betting and gaming enthusiasts and a useful feedback source.

NEXT: In what ways can media outlets contribute to enhancing a business’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of consumers?

OP: It is no secret that companies choose reputable media to boost their own trust and credibility. There are many ways to become a valuable resource, and it isn’t just being the biggest or longest established publication on the market.

Reputable media with niche expertise, that focuses on specific industry such as iGaming legislation, tech innovation or land-based casino, all provide a platform for businesses to showcase their expertise in a targeted way. By choosing a niche media outlet, we can guarantee that the content will have more resonance with the target audience, and build stronger brand association and credibility, when compared with a larger, more general news platform.

We also seek out media outlets that advocate certain ideas or focus on a particular issue that has value to the wider industry, or specific groups of industry representatives. Publications that champion industry-wide issues cultivate a community of like-minded readers, for example by exploring various solutions to data security issues, or delving into regulatory challenges. By establishing a culture of knowledge-sharing, they offer companies a chance to show thought leadership.

Collaborating on custom projects does not stop at just posting articles, having paid promotions and conducting interviews. Partnership projects feature longer-term, omni-channel content from both partners, dedicated landing pages, interactive mechanics and user-generated content. These projects have the potential to promote both the publication and the brand as trendsetters.

NEXT: What role does media coverage play in shaping public perception and trust in the gambling industry, and how can businesses leverage this to their advantage?

OP: While media coverage can effectively boost brand awareness on a global scale or deliver immediate news updates, building trust requires another crucial element: consistency. Both consistent media presence and consistent content production are essential.

To gain trust, the audience needs to become familiar with our brand. This familiarity doesn’t come from a few isolated publications. Building long-term relationships with media partners, maintaining consistent positioning and messaging, and understanding the audience’s content preferences are all important steps towards shaping a positive perception in the market.

Media partners can also enhance a company’s image by prioritising the quality of their online platforms. This includes improvements to user interface (UI), user experience (UX), overall design, and offering a variety of modern ad formats. As a company, we expect our media partners to create a high-quality experience for their audience, providing an engaging environment for our content.

NEXT: What makes an ideal media partner from Playson perspective?

OP: We are passionate about continuous improvement. We leverage technology to work smarter, not harder, and strive to raise industry standards. Naturally, we seek partners who share these values. We are pleased to have selected NEXT.io as our media partner. They embody all the qualities we mentioned and are also a leading force in industry media. They have a strong focus on technological innovations in the industry and continually strengthen their offering.

Finding the ideal media partner is like selecting a brand ambassador. The partnership should develop organically as both parties work towards shared goals, empowering each other while maintaining their distinct identities. This is precisely why our collaboration with NEXT.io is so valuable. Imagine your company transformed into a media platform. What would it look like? That’s the vision your ideal media partner should share.

Oleg is head of marketing at Playson. He is an expert with over 10 years’ experience in development and implementation of complex 360° international projects for the iGaming category. In his opinion, the marketing strategy aimed at addressing business development objectives first and foremost, is the key to success.

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