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Play’n GO has launched a new music division to showcase game soundtracks and produce new instrumentals under the imprint of Play’n GO Music.

In an industry first, global music artists can collaborate with the slots supplier to produce new versions of in-game music that will also be published across streaming platforms. 

Play’n GO Music will first feature music from Gargantoonz, the new release from the developer’s Reactoonz series.

In time, independent artists will release re-imagined versions of the original soundtrack. 

“We see Play’n GO as a premier entertainment provider and the launch of Play’n GO Music is a fantastic step forward to realising that vision,” said Play’n GO co-founder and CMO Ebba Arnred.

“Play’n GO Music is an avenue that will allow us to explore the world of creative collaboration. Our characters, such as Garga or Rich Wilde, will now have room to further grow and develop their stories and to reach new audiences. 

“It will be a place to celebrate the fantastic music from our games that we work so hard to make the best in the industry and I can’t wait to see how Play’n GO Music grows. This is just the beginning,” she added.   

Borderline record label

On LinkedIn, Play’n GO CCO Magnus Olsson described the new initiative as “much more than a playlist with games music.” 

He said it is “a collaboration platform and borderline record label.”

“We believe in expressing our dedication to making our business as entertainment-driven as possible,” Anny Gomes, IP licensing and partnerships manager, added. 

“We are thrilled to be able to feature and amplify a diverse range of music artists on our social platforms, showcasing the soundtracks that make up the Play’n GO universe.” 

Orchestra sound

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with, Andrew Pink, Play’n GO head of communications, emphasised the considerable effort the company dedicates to audio production.

This commitment involves recording music with live symphony orchestras for their games. 

For instance, the company’s recently launched title, Hugo Legacy, featured an in-house written orchestral score recorded live with the Czech Symphony Orchestra.

“We are taking things to a different level,” Pink stated, highlighting the vision to create a comprehensive “world around our games.”

The anticipation is that this new division will attract popular music artists to record new material for Play’n GO and also remixes of existing soundtracks.

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