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Malta-based affiliate KaFe Rocks has launched an unlimited paid leave policy for its staff.

The new initiative gives KaFe Rocks employees total freedom over deciding when – and for how long – to take a break during the working year.

The policy applies in addition to local legislation and offers unlimited leave days on top of regular national and bank holidays and minimum leave entitlement.

KaFe Rocks CEO Simon Pilkington said the unlimited holiday initiative was another step in strengthening the company’s people-focused culture.

“We believe in every employee’s integrity, reliability and fairness, and we foster a trusting culture through the levels of freedom and autonomy we give our teams,” he said.

“We trust our Rocketeers to manage their time as they need, as well as ensuring the needs of the business remain a key priority,” he added.

KaFe Rocks is also a 100% remote working company and was so even before the Covid-19 pandemic normalised working from home throughout the iGaming industry.

The business hired Cordelia Morgan-Cooper as its new head of people from fellow Malta-based affiliate Catena Media in August 2021.

“We think taking time off is essential for everyone’s mental health,” she said. “Spending time to breathe and to do whatever makes you happy can lead to fresh ideas and creativity.

“This change gives more control to our people, and we trust them to behave responsibly,” she added.

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