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Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has revealed the proposed board composition for GiG Media and GiG Platform ahead of its corporate split. 

The company said plans to separate its two business units, first revealed last year, are progressing as scheduled.

As part of this process, the company’s nomination committee has reviewed and evaluated two separate board compositions.

GiG Media will continue to operate under the current company’s existing corporate structure, with GiG serving as its listed holding company.

Meanwhile GiG Platform, which is presently a subsidiary of GiG, will be spun off and distributed to GiG’s shareholders later this year.

GiG Platform board

The board of the new GiG Platform business will therefore not be elected during GiG’s annual general meeting (AGM) but will be elected separately during the subsidiary’s own AGM. 

The board will predominantly comprise current GiG board members, with the exception of BeyondPlay founder Karolina Pelc, who has declined re-election due to other commitments. 

In February, Flutter Entertainment-owned FanDuel acquired BeyondPlay for an undisclosed sum.

The board of directors for GiG Platform will thus include Petter Nylander as chairman (pictured right), along with Nicolas Adlercreutz, Mikael Riese Harstad, Hesam Yazdi, Tomasz Juroszek and Steve Salmon as ordinary board members.

GiG Media board

For GiG Media, the nomination committee has recommended a board consisting of five members. 

The committee proposed Mikael Riese Harstad (pictured left) and Hesam Yazdi for re-election, with Harstad slated to assume the role of chairman.

Joining them on the GiG Media board are Cristina Romero de Alba, Mateusz Juroszek, and Nicholas Batram.

M&A specialists

Batram recently established his consulting business after serving as group director of M&A and corporate development at Entain.

During his eight-year tenure at Entain, Batram oversaw over 20 transactions totalling approximately $10bn across various regions. 

However, several deals agreed under former CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen proved controversial with investors, who questioned the overall strategy behind capital allocation and the high pace of M&A activity, eventually leading to a strategic shift at the business. 

Meanwhile, Juroszek is one of GiG’s largest shareholders through his own and family-owned companies.

He has 20 years of experience in the gambling sector, primarily as the CEO of Poland’s largest bookmaker STS between 2012 and 2023. 

In 2023, Juroszek facilitated the sale of a majority stake in STS, integrating it into the Entain Group through the Entain CEE vehicle, a joint venture between Entain, EMMA Capital, and the Juroszek family.

Romero de Alba serves as a partner at law firm LOYRA, where she leads one of the most prominent M&A and regulatory practices in the gambling and betting industry, with a particular emphasis on the Americas. 

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