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Evolution anticipates that fewer than 500 employees from its Georgia operations will strike on Friday (12 July), following unsuccessful negotiations with the trade union.

Evolution informed NEXT.io that the trade union in Georgia provided a list of employees eligible for the strike yesterday (9 July).

“The list amounts to fewer than 500 individuals out of over 8,000 employees in the studio,” said Carl Linton, Evolution’s head of investor relations.

Georgian law mandates that the union notify Evolution three days in advance and provide a list of participants.

“We do not expect any significant impact on our operational delivery from the studio,” Linton added.

With over 20 studios worldwide, Evolution is also well-positioned to manage operational challenges in any single studio, Linton told NEXT.io.

Allegations of poor working conditions

The strike comes amid allegations of poor working conditions at Evolution’s office and live gaming studio in Tbilisi.

Georgian media reported that, according to the union, up to 5,000 employees initially planned to strike, demanding better working conditions, labour rights, and higher salaries.

Reports also claimed that Evolution’s Georgian facilities allegedly suffer from unsafe and unsanitary conditions, managerial harassment, and inadequate pay.

Linton noted that Evolution recently concluded a dialogue with the local union, which represents a small number of employees, and a government-appointed mediator.

Despite these efforts, negotiations failed.

This, Linton stated, “led the union in question to make several claims in the media.”

However, he added: “We will continue to follow the established local due process and applicable laws in Georgia to resolve this conflict,” Linton stated.

Evolution has also pledged to investigate the allegations of managerial misconduct.

NEXT.io has reached out to the union for comment.

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