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Panda Interactive has filed two separate complaints for infringement on its interactive streaming technology patents against both Sportradar and Genius Sports.

Panda is a Las Vegas-based solutions provider for sportsbooks, sports media companies and affiliates. It is owned by SportsCastr Inc, which was founded in 2016.

The lawsuits were filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, against Genius Sports and Sportradar under case numbers 2-23-cv-00471 and 2-23-cv-00472.

Panda Interactive will be represented by King & Spalding LLP in both cases.

The company has launched multiple video streaming products incorporating its patented technologies, including the SportsCastr mobile app.

This product then evolved into Panda Interactive’s B2B Watch & Bet platform, which has been used by sports media companies, leagues and sportsbooks.

Panda alleges that similar streaming products provided by both Sportradar and Genius Sports to their clients are in breach of Panda’s proprietary patented software.

“No one wants to see their own arsenal used against them in battle.”
Panda Interactive chairman Donald Schupak

“We have made substantial investments in the development of our technology and cannot tolerate having our patented technology used unfairly by others and against us,” said Panda Interactive chairman Donald Schupak.

“No one wants to see their own arsenal used against them in battle,” he added.

In December, Genius Sports struck an exclusive deal to supply the NFL with watch and bet streams, starting with US operator Caesars Entertainment and the Caesars Sportsbook.

Panda Interactive CEO Kevin April insists Panda developed similar technology prior to 2018, before online sports betting was made legal in the US.

“Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and capitalising on our groundbreaking work,” said April.

“The confluence of media and sports betting is essential to the future of the fan-viewing experience,” he added.

Genius Sports and Sportradar did not wish to comment when contacted by NEXT.