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Nordic Affiliates LTD has taken the step to move into the US licensed market, with its latest site OnlineGamblers. The site is focused on covering licensed and legal USA casinos. Its aim is to ensure that US-based players will be able to find an online casino that will be legal for them to play within their jurisdiction.

This is a step away from previous offerings, which saw players being offered the opportunity to play at offshore and unlicensed casinos. The new move is part of the plan for the affiliate company to stick to licensed sites, which has been chosen due to a raft of research.

The company has stated that it believes the online casino market is moving away from offshore sites being popular. It said that there are several reasons for this happening, but first and foremost, it is related to player safety. It is much easier for an online casino to behave in an illegal and unfair manner when operating offshore. By sticking to licensed sites, it means that Nordic Affiliates LTD will be the first port of call for players who want guaranteed protection.

Licensed markets to become the dominant force

The second reason for making this switch is said to be because licensed markets are starting to become the norm within the casino industry. A lot of the traditional markets that didn’t have regulation in place are starting to offer players licensed choices. The US market is a prime example of this. Previously, it was only possible for players to play here by using offshore sites. With the legalisation of online gambling in the US, it has ensured that there are now many more licensed options available to players.

It therefore means that there is no need to use offshore sites anymore, which is why making the move to covering licensed sites is seen as a sensible move for Nordic Affiliates LTD. This won’t just provide players with a safer experience, but it will also allow them to get access to a much larger portion of the market.

Why are licensed markets more important?

As already mentioned, licensed markets are offering players a much safer experience in the modern iGaming world. This is largely down to the regulation that licensed sites have in place. It ensures that they have to behave in a fair and safe manner to players, otherwise they will lose their licence. This will then mean that they won’t be able to operate legally within the market.

It is therefore becoming a much more popular market for players. By choosing to enter into this market, it makes Nordic Affiliates LTD not just a more trustworthy site to players, but it also gives it have a higher chance of being successful.

Licensed sites in the future

What has also prompted Nordic Affiliates LTD to make the shift to dealing with licensed sites is what it believes is the future of the online gambling industry. With regulation becoming tighter across the industry, it thinks that within the next 10 years, offshore sites will become a thing of the past. More regulated markets will leave very few benefits to playing at an offshore site.

As the advantages of playing at these sites are removed, licensed sites will be generally all that remains. By making an early foray into covering licensed online casinos, it is seen as a proactive move, which will provide them with an edge when compared to the rest of the market. Of course, there is no way to predict how the market will look in the future perfectly, but by looking at the current trends, it does allow for a sensible business plan to be created.

Nordic Affiliates LTD quotes

Håvard Lehn, one of the co-founders of Nordic Affiliates LTD, has shared his thoughts about the move into licensed markets.

He said: “With licensed markets becoming significantly more popular across the globe, it makes sense from a business perspective for us to move into this area on a more consistent basis. Our aim is always first and foremost to the visitors to our site. So, by covering licensed sites, we can ensure that the people who place their trust in us are protected to a much higher level.”

This is also expected to be the start of a more concerted effort to cover licensed markets for the company, as he clarified in further comments.

He added: “Of course, there are a lot of other licensed markets around, which means that there is a lot of scope for us to expand. While we have no plans in the short term to add other licensed markets to our roster of affiliate sites, if our current offerings provide a sustained level of success, then this is something that we will consider.

“This is something that we will only look to do if we can maintain our current level of quality. While we do want to provide help for people in as many different jurisdictions as possible, we’re not willing to do this if it leads to an inferior product.”

Other Nordic Affiliate LTD sites

OnlineGamblers isn’t the only site that is offered to players by Nordic Affiliates. It also runs NettCasino.com and Esprts.com. The first is a site that covers the Scandinavian market. This allows players the opportunity to find the right site for them regardless of where they are located.

The second site is dedicated to esports. This is more of a niche interest at this moment in time, but it’s something that is growing at an incredible rate. In fact, it’s safe to say that esports is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world at the moment. While it doesn’t have as dedicated a gambling following as other sporting events, as the popularity of esports grows, then the gambling options will also grow.

With only licensed markets covered by the Nordic Affiliate LTD family of sites, it means that going forwards, it will be a much more reliable service to players.

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