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In a new series for NEXT.io, Testa provides crowdsourced insights on downloads, registration, deposits and withdrawals from a specific iGaming market, starting with the US state of Ohio.

Ohio background

The Ohio online sports betting market is one of the strongest in the US, placing among the top five in the country. Leading the market are the usual “big three” operators as seen in all licensed US states — DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM — but there are many other sportsbooks licensed.

This year we saw some new entrants in Ohio, including Betr and Fanatics. But do the “big three” offer the fastest onboarding and payment UX? Or do the new entrants have an edge?


Testa created and assigned cases for its Ohio-based testers to measure onboarding and payments in terms of complexity (number of fields) and time. They were asked to download the app, register a new account, deposit and withdraw. All test case data and video captures were sent back to Testa for analysis.

Test data


Winner: Betr

The Betr app is compact and loads in just eight seconds. BetMGM is also swift with a loading time of 12 seconds. However, the other apps are larger and take longer to load. FanDuel takes 39 seconds to load. DraftKings has a loading time of 83 seconds. Fanatics ranks fifth with a loading time of 101 seconds.


Winner: Fanatics

Fanatics surpasses its competitors in terms of the registration process. It only requires 11 registration fields and has the quickest registration time of 78 seconds. In comparison, the next fastest operator, FanDuel, takes 95 seconds and has five extra steps, bringing the total to 14. BetMGM takes third place with 14 steps and a registration time of 99 seconds. DraftKings (104 seconds, 21 fields) and Betr (119 seconds, 13 fields) hold the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.


Winner: DraftKings

When it comes to credit/debit card deposit applications, DraftKings stands out as the leader with a streamlined four-field process that can be completed in just 37 seconds. BetMGM follows closely in second place with a slightly longer five-field process that takes 40 seconds.

Fanatics also requires five fields but takes 48 seconds to complete, while Betr’s six-field process is slightly slower at 49 seconds. FanDuel takes the longest time to complete the deposit process, with a six-field process that takes 59 seconds. Once deposits were successfully applied for, all operators made funds available for use almost immediately (under one minute at the longest).


Winner: Fanatics

The time comparisons for withdrawal application data show that DraftKings (85s) takes far longer, but their process requires users to re-enter banking details as part of the process which includes five fields to fill out. For the other four brands, testing data on withdrawal applications was simplified and evenly matched for time. Fanatics is fastest at eight seconds with one field, BetMGM (9s, one field) is second , FanDuel (12s, three fields) is third and Betr (14s, one field) is fourth. Withdrawal applications were all made in the evening after 7pm and funds were made available in the next one to five days for all brands.

Conclusions from test data


App download speed: Betr sets the benchmark with an eight-second download time.

Registration efficiency: Fanatics leads with a swift registration process requiring only 11 fields and taking 78 seconds.

Deposit quickness: DraftKings excels with the shortest deposit process, taking only 37 seconds.

Withdrawal speed: Fanatics provides the fastest withdrawal experience, taking just eight seconds.

Pain points

Download time: DraftKings and Fanatics have the longest download times.

Registration complexity: DraftKings has a significantly higher number of fields.

Withdrawal inefficiency: DraftKings again stands out with a considerably longer time for withdrawals.

Overall UX

The total time from download to withdrawal is a cumulative measure of the app download, registration, deposit, and withdrawal times for each operator and doesn’t include time spent on placing bets. This can be used to measure overall UX.

BetMGM: Demonstrates the fastest overall user experience from app download to funds withdrawal, totalling just 160 seconds.

Betr: Comes in second with the quickest download time contributing to an overall total of 190 seconds.

FanDuel: Offers a consistent and moderate experience across all stages, resulting in a total time of 205 seconds, placing it third.

Fanatics: While it has the longest download time, its swift registration and withdrawal processes bring it to a total of 235 seconds, ranking fourth.

DraftKings: With the highest total time of 309 seconds, DraftKings’ speed is affected by the longest withdrawal process and download time, positioning it last in the ranking.


Crowdsourced testing in the Ohio online sports betting market provides insights into the app performance of both established market leaders and emerging challengers.

BetMGM emerges as the frontrunner, offering the fastest overall experience from app download to withdrawal. With a total time of 160 seconds, BetMGM leads the pack for overall operational efficiency.

DraftKings, despite its status as a market leader, trails in this particular race. Ranking last with a total time of 309 seconds, it suggests there are opportunities for optimisation, particularly in the withdrawal process and app download speed.

Sandwiched between these extremes are FanDuel, Betr, and Fanatics, each demonstrating a mix of strengths and weaknesses. FanDuel, with a total time of 205 seconds, offers a balanced approach that keeps it well within the competitive field. Betr, the fastest in download time but lagging in other areas, shows promise with a total of 190 seconds. Fanatics, though challenged by the longest download time, redeems itself with quick registration and withdrawal processes, culminating in a total time of 235 seconds.

As the Ohio market matures and user preferences evolve, all operators have the opportunity to refine their offerings. By prioritising the reduction of complexity and time-to-completion in their onboarding and payment processes, they can improve customer satisfaction. This is essential for maintaining loyalty and promoting growth in a highly competitive environment.


BetMGM’s leading position showcases the impact of a user-centric approach to process efficiency. Betr and Fanatics demonstrate that new entrants can compete effectively by focusing on specific aspects of the user experience.

DraftKings and FanDuel are reminded of the ever-evolving nature of consumer expectations, which demand continual reassessment and improvement of user onboarding and transaction processes.

About Testa

Testa is a full-service crowdtesting provider built specifically for the iGaming industry. Our global team of quality testers helps iGaming businesses improve quality and gain valuable insights from real people on the ground. We know the unique challenges gaming companies face and are the key partners to help them deliver top gaming experiences. If you found this data useful and would like to have a free test conducted in a market of your choosing please contact us.

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