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In the rapidly evolving world of live sports and betting, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) models are creating a seismic shift.

Pioneering this evolution is Dolby Millicast, a real-time streaming platform that is revolutionising the way sports content operators deliver interactive player experiences.

We spoke with Ryan Jespersen, the director of product strategy at Dolby Millicast, who will soon discuss “Driving New Revenue Opportunities in Live Sports through Interactive Viewer Experiences” in an upcoming talk.

In this short Q&A session, he provides a sneak peek and sheds light on how Dolby Millicast is paving the way for the future of next-generation interactive player experiences.

NEXT: What is the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model?

RJ: The DTC model allows live sports operators to bypass traditional third-party platforms and offer their services directly to consumers through their own websites or apps.

This allows them to control the user experience, gather data on their customers’ behavior, and potentially increase their profit margins.

NEXT: What kind of technology is necessary for DTC?

RJ: Real-time streaming with less than 500ms latency and CDN distribution to all devices is critical for DTC in live sports apps because it ensures immediate, uninterrupted access to content, which is vital for making timely bets.

NEXT: How does the DTC model enhance viewer engagement and encourage repeat participation?

RJ: Advertising, purchasing, and gameplay opportunities are presented in a context relevant to the real-time sports action and personalized according to the viewer’s preferences.

This creates an interactive viewing experience that turns every second of the game into an opportunity for engagement, thereby driving customer satisfaction and retention.

NEXT: What revenue models exist for content owners and broadcasters?

RJ: Live sports operators have the opportunity to substantially increase their revenue by strategically utilizing interactive components.

These include advertising initiatives, collaborations with brands, e-commerce affiliate fees, and charges associated with betting affiliates.

NEXT: How can DTC methods address the need to gamify live sports content and remain in accordance with regional regulations?

RJ: Technology partners can pave the way for global consumer interactivity by acquiring Interactive Rights from leagues and establishing predefined revenue divisions among all value chain stakeholders. This approach ensures adherence to regional and league regulations, along with brand considerations.

Content owners and tech companies can form partnerships where they tailor their strategies to fit within legal frameworks, using geo-restrictions for content access, and ensuring responsible iGaming measures are in place.

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