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ENV Media continues breaking down the Brazilian market in partnership with NEXT.io. This time, we shed light on the share of voice of leading iGaming operators by measuring online brand presence.

This analysis is yet another way for us to offer a unique perspective on the real-money gaming market in Brazil, including player preferences and reasons for choosing or switching between operators.

Disclosing the titans of the industry

According to the latest quarterly study, bet365 and Betano lead in brand recognition in Brazil, with 77% and 75.5% respectively.

Somewhat further behind, survey respondents “recognise and trust” brands like Betfair (38.2%), PokerStars (36.1%), Betway (28.8%) and KTO (16.2%).

The tail end of the eight analysed brands is represented by Betsson (15.8%) and LeoVegas (13.9%).

One evident trend, compared to results in Q4 2023, is the pace at which middle-tier brands are closing the gap with the market leaders.

Those ranked 3-6 are rapidly gaining visibility, outpacing the growth of both the top-ranked operators and distancing itself from those ranked lower.

The share-of-voice methodology combines direct consumer feedback with digital presence analytics and SEO tools. It allows researchers to assess online brand visibility, player engagement and loyalty, and the reasons for those.

Direct branded searches are a big part of the perceived market presence, and carry the most weight.

Online traction was also measured by tracking operator mentions for the most common keywords for non-sports verticals (casino, roulette, slots, blackjack).

As a result, positions in the top eight were much closer than initially indicated by respondents – something attributed to the “bandwagon effect” of the big names in online gambling.

Final operator rankings according to the study. Source: env.media/research

Measuring the pulse of the player base

More interestingly, gamers reveal their motivations for trusting or abandoning a certain operator.

Over half (51.7%) of Brazilian players prioritise attractive bonuses and promotions when choosing an iGaming brand.

A user-friendly interface is key for 44.4% of respondents, while 43.4% value reliable customer support. Fast and secure payment options are crucial for 42.5%.

Motives to choose a gaming brand, ENV Media

When it comes down to switching over to the competition, players point out less tangible (non-gaming) aspects as the leading causes.

Reputation rates above anything else, followed by peer recommendations and online reviews. Advertisements have a convincing effect on only about a third of active users.

Non-gaming reasons to switch operators, ENV Media

Player loyalty varies, with over a third (35.5%) occasionally switching between gaming brands, driven by curiosity and the search for better offers.

What matters for Brazilian gamblers?

Online visibility (gauged by a brand’s share of voice) directly relates to operator competitiveness.

The report shows that while Betfair, Betano and Betway consistently rank top across various segments, mid-level brands like KTO and PokerStars are catching up and enhancing their market presence.

Ultimately, players indicate a wide but expected range of features and perceived qualities, part of an all-round (superior) user experience – platform usability, bonus attractiveness, and the efficacy of customer support.

This is a reminder to iGaming stakeholders that an easy shift toward multiple platforms and direct competitors is a natural outcome in a market headed for maturity, particularly after its full recent regulation.

Such trends are expected to raise standards across the market and give Brazilians more quality choices and better customer service.

ENV Media specialises in providing cutting-edge iGaming insights. With a focus on research, SEM and precision marketing, it improves gaming stakeholders’ digital engagement and market presence.

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