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In today’s online gambling world, players are not short of choice. But as options expand, so does the clamour of promotional messaging.

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A new study by iGaming CRM specialist Optimove reveals that a staggering 86% of online gamblers opt-out from platforms due to an avalanche of irrelevant messages.

Derived from the insights of 396 active US online gamblers, the Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing takes a deep dive into the push and pull of player loyalty and engagement dynamics.

Frequent engagement was common, with 85% of respondents participating in gambling weekly, and 56% even gambling daily.

Sports betting emerged as the preferred vertical for 76% of participants, while 56% preferred live betting over other bet types.  

While the thrill of predicting a game’s outcome in real-time is known to attract players, 69% of customers were motivated to place a bet by competitive odds and payouts.

In contrast, almost half were motivated by personal involvement or loyalty to teams and players.

Beyond the specifics of game type, player loyalty is driven primarily by competitive odds, according to 40% of respondents.

Meanwhile, 23% are won over by user-friendly interfaces, while another 23% are swayed by attractive bonuses and promotions.

Fast and reliable payment methods, a variety of gaming options, and the overall trustworthiness of a platform round out the essential criteria for player preferences.

In an age of information overload, the iGaming industry isn’t exempt from the pitfalls of excessive marketing.

Nearly one-third of respondents said the sheer volume of promotional messages was overwhelming, while a desire for relevancy stands out.

Exactly 56% of players were more likely to open a communication if the offer aligned with their preferences, revealing personalisation and quality over quantity as sensible strategies.

One dimension of the iGaming experience that has grown in influence is an emphasis on responsible gambling.

Three quarters (75%) of players see responsible gambling tools as vital for trust and loyalty.

Moreover, 90% set betting limits, and 97% were aware of resources advocating responsible gambling, with 56% actively using those resources, which does also raise questions about the potential for harmful gambling behaviour.

A noteworthy 82% of players held accounts with multiple operators, suggesting a broad market and a potential dearth of brand loyalty among consumers.

Enticing offers were found to lure 51% of players into exploring new platforms, but more tangible pillars of trust—like site reputation (63%), game variety (56%), and bonuses (67%)— were still deciding factors.

Why do people gamble online?

Half of the surveyed players said they gambled online for entertainment, while payment preferences were particularly influential on player experience.

While direct bank transfers (34%) are in vogue, 65% of players are instead gravitating toward crypto casinos, describing an often superior user experience and faster payments.

Optimove CEO and founder Pini Yakuel said: “iGaming marketers armed with individual player data and proclivities have a roadmap for marketing that drives loyalty.

“Insights drive the right actions in the marketing flow including creation and orchestration. Enabled by AI, marketing can now move at the speed of the player’s whims,” he added.

The full report can be accessed here.