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A freshly minted law is sending shockwaves through the iGaming industry in Romania, signalling stricter regulations for B2B providers licensed by the Romanian regulator, Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri De Noroc (ONJN).

Published in the government gazette yesterday evening (18 April), law no. 107/2024 is slated to take effect in just 10 days, reshaping the landscape with stringent measures targeting B2B operators.

Under the new rules, B2B suppliers holding a class 2 licence in Romania must ensure they do not provide services “directly or indirectly” to operators lacking a Romanian B2C (class 1) licence but which are allowing players with a Romanian IP or citizenship to play on their sites.

The new rules apply to a range of activities associated with traditional and remote games of chance, including platform and software provision, live dealer studios, as well as payment processors.

Similar to regulations in Sweden, suppliers will no longer be able serve both regulated licensees and offshore operators simultaneously, and will be required to implement technical measures to prevent access.

Significant penalties

Providers face significant penalties for breaches, with fines ranging from €30,000 to €40,000, the possible confiscation of funds obtained from the unlicensed activity, and licence revocation.

Romanian iGaming lawyers consulted by NEXT.io confirmed that they do not anticipate changes to the law but expect additional clarifications from the authority or secondary legislation on implementing these measures.

The ONJN has 90 days to provide guidance on the expected technical measures required to prevent access.

However, legal experts confirmed that B2B suppliers must comply with the new regulation immediately after the law enters into force, stating that they have a legal obligation to promptly implement “any available technical measures” to prevent unauthorised access.

Earlier this week, Romania announced a ban on gambling venues in small towns and villages with populations of less than 15,000 residents.

The new regulations concerning B2B providers appear to be a last-minute addition to the law.

Industry insiders speaking to NEXT.io expressed concerns about the wide-ranging consequences this change could have on the sector, particularly for the numerous suppliers licensed in Romania.

Some described Romania as being “on the verge of an earthquake.”

NEXT.io has reached out to the ONJN for comment.

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