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Paul Puolakka, chief marketing officer, began his iGaming journey in 2014. Throughout the years, Paul has worn many hats, most notably as the head of affiliates and senior affiliate manager/affiliate team lead.

We sat down with Paul to discuss Mr. Gamble’s expansion to the US and how the brand intends to differentiate its offering in each jurisdiction.

NEXT: Why did you choose to expand to the US market, considering its intricate rules and regulations?

PP: The US market, despite its complexities, represents a significant opportunity. The evolution and history of gambling in the US makes it an iconic space for any brand in the iGaming sector. 

We believe that with challenges come immense opportunities, and we are well-prepared and excited to navigate this landscape.

NEXT: How do varying regulations in different states affect Mr. Gamble’s strategies and operations?

PP: It’s a mosaic of regulations, and each state requires a tailored approach. This means we have to be nimble and adaptive, ensuring that our offerings align with each state’s stipulations while offering the player the best possible experience in terms of fast withdrawal options, bonus comparisons, etc.

It has definitely made our strategic planning more multifaceted, but it also allows us to fine-tune our services for each unique market.

NEXT: You mentioned that modern gambling started in the US. Could you elaborate on the influence of American gambling culture on global iGaming trends?

PP: Certainly! The US has been at the forefront of many gambling innovations. Places like Las Vegas are synonymous with our industry for a reason as they’ve shaped the perception and experience of modern casinos worldwide.

These innovations and cultural influences have set standards, and in many ways, global iGaming trends have looked to the US for inspiration, especially when it comes to integrating entertainment and gambling seamlessly.

However, when it comes to online gambling, I believe that European companies, like ours, have a bit of an advantage in terms of building engaging, customer-centric products. This advantage is due to the different and more flexible regulations compared to the US.

We, as a European-based company, believe that our tech-savvy, customer-first approach can bring a lot of benefits to US customers.

NEXT: What makes the US market particularly lucrative for Mr. Gamble compared to other markets you operate in?

PP: The sheer size and untapped potential of the US market is what makes it attractive. The US is a blend of mature audiences familiar with traditional gambling and a younger demographic eager to embrace online platforms.

The appetite for iGaming is evident, and with the recent shifts towards online platforms and digital integrations, the timing feels right.

NEXT: With respect to obtaining licenses, how does the process in the US differ from other regions, and how are you navigating these differences?

PP: Licensing in the US is state-specific and varies greatly in terms of requirements. In contrast, other regions around the globe often have a more unified approach.

We’ve been proactive, partnering with local experts and legal teams to guide us, ensuring that we not only obtain the necessary licenses but also maintain the highest compliance standards.

NEXT: NEXT in New York is a significant event. What are your primary objectives for attending this event, and what do you hope to achieve?

PP: NEXT is a fantastic platform for networking and gaining insights. We aim to foster new partnerships, understand emerging trends in the US market, and showcase Mr. Gamble’s strengths and innovations.

It’s also an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and align our strategies with the market pulse.

NEXT: Can you provide insight into Mr. Gamble’s award-winning bonus comparison features and how they cater to the needs of different international markets?

PP: Absolutely. Our bonus comparison tool is designed with the player in mind. It simplifies the process of finding the best bonuses from licensed and regulated online casinos.

While the core functionality remains consistent, the feature is localized to cater to specific preferences, promotional structures, and regulatory conditions of each market.

NEXT: How does Mr. Gamble ensure safety and fun for its users amidst the evolving regulatory landscape?

PP: Safety is paramount. We only list casinos that are fully licensed and regulated. Our team of legal experts continuously monitors the regulatory landscape to ensure compliance.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on responsible gaming, offering tools and resources for players to have a fun yet controlled experience.

NEXT: Given that various states have different online gambling regulations, how does Mr. Gamble plan to customize its offerings for each jurisdiction?

PP: Customization is key. We aim to understand the unique needs, preferences, and regulations of each state.

This means localized promotions, partnerships with local providers, and ensuring our platform respects state-specific guidelines. It’s a hands-on, granular approach, but it ensures optimal user experience and compliance.

NEXT: With a keen understanding of both the challenges and opportunities the US market brings, what’s the long-term vision for Mr. Gamble in the US?

PP: Our vision is to become a trusted, go-to platform for online casino enthusiasts in the US. The bold and fun appearance of Mr. Gamble, which has been a hallmark of our brand, is something we believe resonates well with the US audience.

We’ve already received some positive feedback from our US partners, further reinforcing our belief. We aim to provide unparalleled value, be it through our bonus comparison features, partnerships, or user safety tools.

The journey has challenges, but with our skilled team and can-do attitude, we are confident in establishing a significant presence in the US iGaming landscape.

Paul Puolakka is an experienced marketing executive with a decade’s worth of experience in the iGaming industry. As a chief marketing officer, Paul has led initiatives for some of the most renowned casino comparison sites in the Nordics, helping them drive growth and engagement in a highly competitive environment.

Whether he is developing a marketing strategy, leading a team, or advocating for responsible gambling practices, Paul is committed to driving growth and promoting a culture of integrity and responsibility.”

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