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Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is undergoing a significant transformation, with its media arm GiG Media rebranding to Gentoo Media.

GiG Group CEO Jonas Warrer revealed that GiG Media will now be known as Gentoo Media during a recent edition of the NEXT.io Podcast with Pierre Lindh, co-founder and managing director of Next.io.

Rebranding amid expansion

The rebranding of GiG Media to Gentoo Media marks a pivotal shift in the company’s strategy, particularly reflecting its recent expansion efforts.

“As part of the splits, we saw this as an opportunity to rethink what GiG Media was about, its core qualities, and how we could amplify these strengths under a new identity,” Warrer explained.

The word Gentoo pays tribute to GiG Media’s Rebel Penguin heritage. Gentoo is a species of Antarctic penguin known for its robustness and teamwork, mirroring the company’s aspirations to foster a strong community and collaborative spirit within the industry.

Warrer said he wanted to build on the qualities that penguins represent—collaboration, care, and community.

This strategic move coincides with GiG’s expansion through acquisitions, such as AskGamblers, KaFe Rocks, and Casinomeister, which have been integrated into the GiG ecosystem to enhance the company’s market reach and diversification.

Warrer highlighted the strategic importance of these acquisitions: “Each acquisition has neatly complemented our existing business and added to our diversification.”

The integration of these entities under the Gentoo Media brand is expected to streamline operations and reinforce the company’s presence in the casino affiliation market under a single brand.

“It was sort of a natural decision to look into a rebranding, where we take all the qualities that we have, then we try to build on them, and make them even more profound,” he said.

Navigating changes and challenges

The transition from GiG Media to Gentoo Media is an intricate process, influenced by both strategic decisions and operational necessities.

Warrer discussed how the company is handling these transitions to ensure stability and foster growth during this transformative period.

“Despite the formal split scheduled for the second half of 2024, operationally, the businesses are more or less split in terms of operations.

“But, of course, we have a shared book and a shared accounting we need to do,” Warrer noted.

This proactive approach in separating operations well ahead of the formal legal restructuring allows each business unit to adapt to its specific market conditions and operational demands without the immediate pressures of a corporate split.

Moreover, the anticipation of the official split provides an ongoing incentive for innovation within the teams at Gentoo Media.

Warrer expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities this separation would bring, “It’s about harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit within each unit and channeling it towards innovation and market expansion. The split compels us to think creatively about problem-solving and to redefine our paths forward.”

Also regarding the rebranding, Mikael Harstad, chairman of the board, said: “The rebrand of GiG Media marks a pivotal moment in the separation of Gaming Innovation Group into two independent businesses, and is a vital step in the process of increasing shareholder value.

The launch of Gentoo is a testament to the organisation’s dedication in delivering superior quality and results in every aspect of the business, and is setting the company off to a great start.”

As Gentoo Media navigates through these internal changes, the focus remains firmly on leveraging these shifts to strengthen their market position and operational effectiveness.

The strategic split and rebranding effort represent a deliberate evolution aimed at aligning the company’s structure with its long-term business goals, preparing Gentoo Media to meet future industry demands with agility and innovation.

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