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The Netherlands Gaming Authority (KSA) has reported a major decrease in the number of suspicious reports related to match-fixing.

Just six instances of potential match-fixing were reported to the regulator’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) by licence holders in 2023, compared to 40 in 2022.

This represents a significant annual decline of 85%.

Despite the drop-off, the KSA insists it should not be concluded that the risk of gambling-related match-fixing has decreased.

Instead, it provided a possible explanation of reduced awareness among licensees that they must report suspicious activity to the SBIU without delay.

While warnings from licence holders and operators were greatly reduced in 2023, the unit still received a substantial number of reports from external parties.

These are usually from overseas supervisors, ministries and investigative agencies.

For example, the SIBU received 29 alerts in 2023 from the Group of Copenhagen, an advisory group to the Macolin Convention’s Follow-up Committee on sports manipulation.

“Although the total number of reports about suspicious sports matches has decreased compared to 2022, the number of signals from external sources was of a reasonable size,” the KSA said in a statement.

“It cannot be concluded that the risk of gambling-related match-fixing among licensed providers has decreased. This means that the KSA has a task to create more awareness among licensed providers.

“It is up to the KSA to point out their legal obligation to inform the SBIU without delay of indications that indicate an increased risk of manipulation of a relevant competition.”

The KSA has no legal responsibility to detect match-fixing, but must ensure that licensed operators are doing all they can to prevent the manipulation of events.

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) also noted a downturn in suspicious sports betting alerts reported last year.

The 2023 total dropped to 184, down 35% when compared with 2022.

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