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B2B provider Kero Sports has entered into a strategic partnership with online casino and sports betting operator Novibet, to launch a new micro-betting product.

FlashBets will be offered through the Novibet sportsbook and introduces real-time betting markets, enabling players to bet on individual plays and moments during a game.

The platform also features a recommendation engine that delivers unique betting markets to players in real time.

Instant payouts are offered with fast-resolving markets and instant confirmations.

“We are thrilled to be the first operator to join forces with Kero to bring FlashBets to the online gaming community,” said Novibet’s head of sportsbook product Giannis Paraschos.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative and immersive gaming experiences to our players.

“With FlashBets, we are introducing a new era of sports betting in our platform, merging the thrill of live sports events with engaging social dynamics,” Paraschos added.

FlashBets is set to launch across markets including Greece, with Novibet aiming to capture the attention of players globally.

Kero’s ambition

“Novibet’s global scale and execution in the sports betting space is something to be admired,” said Kero Sports CEO and founder Tomash Devenishek (pictured).

“This partnership is extremely strategic for Kero because of the innovative thinking that Novibet possesses.

“We share the same vision: to bring sports bettors an in-game betting experience that is grounded in entertainment and requires minimal user effort.

“As official partners, we will be able to more effectively help one another execute on our shared vision and scale our respective businesses.”

Kero Gaming, founded in 2019, is part of group of start-ups seeking to redefine the sports betting experience.

Last year, Devenishek said he believed that Kero Gaming’s platform had the potential to reshape the industry by offering personalised in-game micro-betting experiences.

“Sports betting today is highly cognitive and testing. You have to think, you have to browse, calculate probabilities, and eventually find that one thing that you want to bet on. Twitter and Instagram are not like that. Because all you have to do is just scroll your thumb and things appear,” he told NEXT.io at the time.

Devenishek stressed that betting should become more aligned with the instant gratification and social elements found in popular social media platforms.

Kero Gaming has also developed a patent-pending single model pricing system which leverages generative AI for oddsmaking simulations.

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