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One in 10 Netherlands consumers gambled online in the last 12 months, according to new government-commissioned research carried out by IPSOS.

Minister of Legal Protection Franc Weerwind (pictured) presented new research from the government’s Scientific Research and Data Centre on Tuesday (4 June).

The IPSOS-compiled report evaluated gambling participation and problem gambling rates in the Netherlands over the past year.

Weerwind said: “The findings from this study contribute to an image of the developments in gambling policy and are therefore a supplement to the ongoing evaluation of the Remote Gambling Act.”

The Netherlands has tightened its online gambling regulation since the 2021 market launch, including through a near-total advertising ban.

The incoming Dutch government has also agreed a coalition deal to increase the country’s gaming tax to 37.8%.

According to the report, 65% of Dutch consumers have gambled since launch, with the vast majority doing so on the lottery.

Meanwhile, 31% and 10% were estimated to have bet using land-based and online gambling methods respectively.

Of those who gambled online, 70% said they started only following the opening of the regulated market in October 2021.

The report showed that gambling activity is more common among males, those aged 18-34 and individuals from a non-Western background.

Problem gambling in the Netherlands

The study also examined the risk profile of Dutch bettors using the Problem Gambling Severity Index.

The research found 87% of gamblers took part in the activity without exhibiting problem gambling behaviour.

Of the remaining population 7% were considered low-risk, 3% moderate-risk and 2% high-risk gamblers.

The researchers emphasised that methodological differences complicated comparisons with a previous 2021 study from before the market opening.

As such, they said it was impossible to say whether there had been an increase in problem gambling rates since regulation.

However, the report noted that 10% of online gamblers could be categorised as high-risk gamblers, much higher than the 2% rate across all forms of gambling activity.

This is even more concentrated amongst the 18-24 demographic, with 18% of online gamblers of this age meeting the criteria for high-risk gambling.

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