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Justin Anastasi, CEO VentureMax Group, on why now is such a great time for investing in businesses across the sector and how the company plans to nurture and support the next titans of the industry.

Most businesses require investment for them to unlock their full potential. Not only do they require capital, but they often need nurturing and guidance from those who have already found success. VentureMax Group and its VentureMax investment division do just that. The team identifies disruptive start-ups and provides the support they need to reach the top tier in their respective areas of the industry.

To learn more about the company, what it looks for in an investment opportunity and why there has never been a better time to back brilliant businesses, we spoke to Justin Anastasi, CEO of VentureMax Group.

NEXT: VentureMax Group made its debut in 2016 but how has the organisation changed over the past eight years? What is its primary focus today?

JA: VentureMax Group has been quietly revolutionising the landscape of digital entertainment since 2016 from its headquarters in Malta. We do this by crafting industry-leading brands across a range of areas, from marketing advisory to game development and more.

We’ve recently revitalised our strategy and now the organisation is bursting with excitement and ambition to invest in and build up the future giants of the online gambling industry via our VentureMax division.

We have a team of highly experienced specialists ready to provide strategic guidance and long-term support to help nurture businesses from being rising stars to achieving power player status.

NEXT: Can you briefly talk through the different divisions that make up the VentureMax Group?

JA: VentureMax Group is the parent company and within it sits TerraMedia, Xciting and VentureMax. TerraMedia offers comprehensive marketing solutions specifically for iGaming and combines innovative digital marketing consultancy and management with reliable affiliate advisory services and brokerage solutions.

Xciting is a game studio poised to revolutionise the content provision space through immersive, engaging, and fair games created for a global audience. As a developer and aggregator, we offer a diverse range of products including slots, table games and live dealer experiences, all developed using cutting-edge technologies such as AI to provide enhanced gameplay and next-level security.

Then we have VentureMax, our venture capital arm.

NEXT: The iGaming venture capital space is as exciting as it is competitive. How are you positioning VentureMax within this landscape?

JA: VentureMax is backed by a strong investor base that includes high-net-worth individuals and successful entrepreneurs from inside and outside the iGaming industry. We are harnessing this unrivalled experience and expertise to spearhead the next generation of ventures.

The primary focus is to achieve significant financial growth by investing in businesses that deliver innovative products and solutions to the global iGaming industry. As part of this, we want to empower entrepreneurs and companies with truly exceptional ideas and provide them with the financial resources, strategic guidance, and unwavering support they need to succeed.

NEXT: Can you share some insight into your investment strategy? What does your investment criteria look like?

JA: We take a very proactive approach to investing and the team is always actively seeking out promising early-stage businesses with the potential to disrupt – the more disruptive, the better. Our focus extends to new and emerging areas of the industry as well as cutting-edge technologies, tools and solutions.

We want to find businesses that will be a catalyst for change, that will revolutionise the sector and change the game forever. If you look at the titans of the industry, they were all incredibly disruptive and it’s the next generation pioneers that we are looking to invest in and support.

Regarding our investment criteria, we want to identify early-stage ventures with high growth potential that have strong founding teams with a proven track record. They need to be scalable and with defensible market opportunities while aligning with our strategic vision and core values.

NEXT: Is now an opportune time for venture capital funds? Where do you see the biggest opportunities to explore?

JA: Absolutely. There are always huge opportunities to explore within the global online gambling industry and now is no different. We have been through a period where there has been a bit of a slowdown in capital flowing into the industry with the cadence of investments and M&A not as high as it was a couple of years ago.

But we see this as a positive for VentureMax. This is because there hasn’t been a slowdown in the number of companies bringing never-seen-before technologies, platforms, games, tools and solutions to the market. We want to be incredibly diversified with our investments and this means we can explore opportunities across all areas – and regions – across the industry and the world.

We are especially excited about the progress being made in Latin America and in particular the opening up of Brazil.

NEXT: What makes you so excited about the LatAm opportunity?

JA: The LatAm region is vast with a growing number of key jurisdictions embracing legal online gambling for the first time. Brazil is grabbing all the headlines right now, but there are huge opportunities in the likes of Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia among others.

These are markets where there is a strong appetite for gambling – whether that be sports betting, casino, or both – as well as a great entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of truly exciting companies doing incredible things.

We are keeping a close eye on the region and are actively looking to invest in businesses based in and serving the thriving LatAm market.  

NEXT: What can we expect from VentureMax throughout the rest of the year?

Big things. The teams working across our TerraMedia, Xciting and VentureMax teams are super energised and ready to deploy the ambitious growth plans we have set for each division.

We really do have incredible teams and will be announcing some major hires in the coming weeks, as well as new investments and partnerships. Forgive the cliché – but do watch this space.

Justin exemplifies a unique blend of iGaming expertise, HR knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills, driving innovation in the gaming and technology sectors.

His impressive track record in global business growth and leadership development, coupled with a keen understanding of the human element in business, equips him to lead in an industry where the convergence of human talent and technology is crucial.

Justin previously founded and was CEO of We Consult You, a boutique consultancy that provides comprehensive HR consultancy services to businesses. He was also chief people officer at online casino operator Avento MT. Aside from his role with VentureMax, he is also currently chief executive officer at Greighter, a Malta-based angel investment venture.

His own entrepreneurial endeavours highlight his talent for enhancing workforce and operational efficiency whilst creating the right climate for business expansion.

Under his leadership, VentureMax is poised to be a leader in the sector, revolutionize industry standards, invest in disruptive start-ups, and nurture new groundbreaking solutions.

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