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Dr Sebastian Reddig, chief product officer at GAMOMAT Development GmbH, shares insights about the origins of its Deluxe Series and why it is the perfect way to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary.

NEXT: What is the Deluxe Series, and how does it align with GAMOMAT’s 15th anniversary celebrations?

SR: Our Deluxe Series sees a selection of our most iconic games reimagined with enriched, cutting-edge graphics. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 15th anniversary in the gaming industry.

Each title is a fusion of the original charm and advanced gaming technology, showcasing enhanced graphics, enthralling animations, and immersive soundscapes. Players will not only be revisiting these classics; but have an awesome chance to experience them in a new light, redefined for the modern gaming era.

A perhaps little-known fact is that the first game that marked the beginning of GAMOMAT’s journey in the land-based sector was Fancy Fruits. This is why we were very keen to begin our Deluxe Series here as a nod to the rich history that has culminated in our anniversary festivities.

NEXT: Which games will be the first to debut in the Deluxe Series, and what can players expect from these revamped versions?

SR: The Deluxe Series, launched officially in September, modernised two of GAMOMAT’s all-time great titles: Fancy Fruits and Royal Seven XXL.

These titles were carefully chosen, marking a significant moment in the company’s legacy and holding a special place in players’ hearts.

While Fancy Fruits Deluxe grabs players’ attention with its juicy symbols and Royal Seven XXL Deluxe resonates with regal pageantry, both have been elegantly upgraded to combine nostalgia with contemporary graphic finesse.

The mission was one for us to flex our creative muscles but has its challenges: heighten the visual experience without moving too far from their original charm.

Our simply brilliant team of graphic designers rose to the challenge seamlessly, masterfully intertwining the original nature of the games with modern-day graphic brilliance.

NEXT: Ramses Book is celebrating its 10th anniversary alongside GAMOMAT’s 15th. How will this classic game be enhanced in its Deluxe version?

SR: The ten years since the release of Ramses Book feel a very long time ago, although not quite as long as the Egyptian period in which the game unfolds!

This revamped version takes players on an absorbing journey through the annals of ancient Egypt. Notably, both the graphics and animations have undergone a significant uplift, capturing the feel of the original while bringing it into the current gaming realm.

The sound experience has been masterfully reproduced as well, with reworked ambiances that amplify the gaming experience. We’ve gone a step further too by reimagining the winning moments, adding an extra layer of exhilaration for players.

While the game has been rejuvenated with a modern touch, we’ve tried incredibly hard to retain its familiar charm, ensuring that longtime fans will feel instantly at home while indulging in this fresh rendition.

NEXT: What additional games can we look forward to joining the Deluxe Series in the future?

SR: We’re champing at the bit to add more and more games into our Deluxe Series as we know the positive reception they will generate.

Players won’t have to wait too much longer until titles such as Crystal Ball Deluxe, Roman Legion Deluxe, Fruit Mania Deluxe, and La Dolce Vita Deluxe, join the party.

These games, already popular in their original versions, promise to bring enhanced gameplay experiences in their Deluxe renditions.

NEXT: How does the Deluxe Series reflect GAMOMAT’s dedication to innovation through its outstanding games over the last 15 years?

SR: I’m so proud that the Deluxe Series encapsulates GAMOMAT’s relentless commitment to entertainment, which has been evident over the past 15 years.

It captures the essence of the company’s path forward, reflecting the original ideation and talent that was the catalyst for GAMOMAT. This has shaped the company into the industry powerhouse it is today. This creative spirit touches every element of the company, especially the Deluxe Series.

Over the years, GAMOMAT games have been renowned for their exceptional visuals and the presence of engaging characters that resonate with players.

The Deluxe Series has a wonderful ability to lift these elements even higher, drawing from the rich history of creative excellence while adapting to the evolving demands of today’s player.

The Deluxe Series is both a nod to GAMOMAT’s past and a stride into the future, building upon the team’s exemplary creative work to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

After completing his studies and a physics doctorate, Dr Sebastian Reddig started his career at GAMOMAT Development GmbH in Berlin in 2015, working initially as a game designer.

Sebastian’s current role is chief product officer, which sees him take responsibility for strategy across the entire product portfolio – including market analysis and creating a strategic roadmap – as well as mathematics for all games and the overarching product vision.

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