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Slots have long been a staple in any casino operator’s portfolio – players tend to enjoy these types of games because they’re easy to understand, engaging and a light form of entertainment.

But over the last year or so, we’ve seen some challengers emerge: mine games, plinko and, most recently, crash games.

And while these three ‘alternative’ verticals are continuing to grow in popularity, Gaming Corps’ head of games Connor Blinman is confident that one particular product could soon become a player favourite – Smash4Cash games.

Launched earlier this month, Piggy Smash is set in a bank vault where players are presented with a line-up of high value piggy banks to smash open. Each time the player places a bet, the hammer will drop down in an attempt to crack open the piggy bank.

Should the hammer smash open the piggy bank, players will be awarded with an instant prize, with additional features and multipliers also potentially being unlocked.  After the piggy has been smashed, one of the other four balls will be dropped from the rack, transforming into the next piggy bank.

As well as delivering a highly engaging gameplay experience for bettors, Piggy Smash is also the first game to feature Gaming Corps’ newest mechanic, Smash4Cash.

Blinman began:  “Piggy Smash was discussed as early as Q2 2023 when we sat down and really wanted to create something that was unique and innovative to the online casino space. The strategy was to create a product that was as dynamic and exciting as a slot game but present it in a way that had not been done before. We feel as if the product as a whole blends what slot players love with the quick thrills that arcade players love to create a product that redefines the player’s excitement.

“Overall, from the concept the game was scoped out with our Smash4Cash™ mechanic at the forefront of all conversations. We developed it further and iterated on it numerous times before settling on the final outline of the mechanic.

“We then moved forward and aligned on the theme and the artstyle before tying both together via a development cycle that was full of excitement as the product came to life. Smashing Piggy Banks to win prizes was as exciting to create as it is to play.”

From the outset, the Smash4Cash mechanic sounds relatively straightforward. And it is. But it is this simplicity that makes the mechanic both unique and highly engaging for players, Blinman explained.

He continued: “The mechanic as a whole is incredibly dynamic and exciting, at any moment the Piggy might smash open and reveal a prize or a feature. The math in this particular game is quite low volatility so it isn’t long before you have something exciting happening.

“Further to this, there’s plenty to come back to with rarer features such as Multiplier Rampage and the Jackpot feature that can result in large wins!”

Standing the test of time

When creating a new mechanic, one of the key challenges that games developers face is ensuring that it will still be enjoyable for players in years to come.

The key to achieving this, Gaming Corps has found, is to balance a gameplay that is simple and understandable with a theme that is both dynamic and exciting.

To ensure that Smash4Cash games become a staple in operators’ portfolios, Blinman explained that Gaming Corps has taken a multi-faceted approach to the mechanic’s development. He said: “Firstly, we take the approach of creating a new product as if we are creating it for the first time. Looking at all aspects of the game to ensure that we are creating a new experience to ensure long-term engagement and success.

“We also look at the different player types to ensure that we are targeting a demographic that has the potential to turn the game into a staple for that casino.”

 This approach will continue throughout the creation of future Gaming Corps’ titles, with the upcoming Rampage! Game set to take on an “incredibly minimalistic gaming experience”.

Rampage! Will also form part of the Smash4Cash line of products, and is set to target players that have a penchant for classic, simplistic arcade games. It is the players that are well-versed in arcade-inspired content that Blinman believes will particularly enjoy the Smash4Cash mechanic.

 He added: “We believe that Smash4Cash™ games have the potential to overlap both a casual demographic that is well-versed with arcade-style content and also ‘seasoned’ slot players. The game in itself is very dynamic, fun and exciting on each wager – much like a slot, but it is also unique, entertaining and incredibly easy to understand – much like a arcade-style game. 

 “When it comes to Smash4Cash™ we are carving out a new vertical in the online gaming space but we are also targeting player demographics that already exist and creating a strategy that ensures we appeal to both types of players. “

What next?

As competition in the igaming industry continues to get fiercer by the day, games developers and operators alike are facing an uphill battle to stand out from the crowd. Blinman recognises that Gaming Corps is launching Smash4Cash games in a market space that is flooded with top-quality content, but he is confident that this new style of product will bring something new to the table for operators.

“We believe that it is the answer that most casinos are looking for when it comes to blending both arcade-style verticals such as mines and crash with slot content in terms of player value and average bets per player.

“Smash4Cash™ is limitless in it’s possibilities too. In the future the game type could take an entirely different look and approach. The core gameplay loop will remain the same or similar, like a slot game, but the overall feel will be completely different to its predecessors. That is what makes Smash4Cash™ a very dynamic offering to the market that can challenge these other verticals.”

Looking towards the future, Blinman anticipates that Smash4Cash games are going to attract attention from operators in various different markets – with particular interest stemming from markets in Latin America and Africa, where crash and mine games have already proved to be very popular with players.

“But then again, we also expect big slots demographic regions such as Europe (Scandinavia and UK in particular) to also grow fond of a game that is as dynamic and exciting as a slot game,” Blinman concluded.

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