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As the world continues to become more digital-focused, it’s imperative that betting and gaming companies look towards cloud-based storage systems to facilitate future growth. That’s according to Nick McDonald, account director at Fujitsu.

In a chat with Nick McDonald, we take a look at the major benefits of using hybrid cloud-based storage solutions as he explains why implementing the right set-up can streamline the market entry process for iGaming companies.

NEXT: We’re seeing more and more companies turn their attention towards cloud-based storage solutions. Why do you think this is?

NM: I think when discussing cloud-based storage solutions, we need to look more specifically at hybrid cloud-based storage systems.

The reason for that is largely down to flexibility, growth opportunities and data sovereignty.

A lot of people are looking towards cloud systems; but the important consideration that companies need to make is whether they have the right cloud system for the right workload.

There will be certain workloads which work better on the cloud, and others that will be more cost efficient to use on-premises infrastructure where their product or platform sits in their own data centre.

NEXT: Are there benefits to using hybrid cloud-based storage systems that perhaps aren’t there with other storage solutions?

NM: There are plenty of benefits to using hybrid cloud-based storage systems.

The biggest benefit, I’d say, would be the opportunities for scalability. Using such storage systems gives companies the chance to grow quickly while also meet the changing demands of partners.

Traditional platforms tend to be quite siloed and static in terms of their growth ability. But by using hybrid cloud systems, companies can blend that on-premise and cloud technology, allowing them to tap into it whenever they need to.

It also has the benefit of data sovereignty, keeping that data as close as possible to wherever the players may be playing, or wherever their data is set.

NEXT: In recent months, we’ve seen an increased emphasis on cybersecurity, particularly when it comes to the protection of customer data. What have been the biggest cybersecurity threats that igaming operators are facing in 2024?

NM: The igaming industry is facing a number of threats in 2024, and cybersecurity threats are among them.

One of the biggest fractures is the increase in data that is being collected, the growth of the igaming industry as a whole alongside the regulation of new markets. While all these things are positive, it does widen the horizon for where companies can be attacked.

Another major challenge that igaming operators will face in 2024 is the importance of staying online.

That is a challenge that is only going to continue, especially now that technologies such as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent and fraudsters continue to find new ways to threaten igaming organisations more quickly and at scale.

We’re no doubt going to see more stories around cybersecurity, so this is something the industry needs to get ahead of. This is definitely a problem that we, as an industry, face on a global scale.

NEXT: How can igaming operators navigate these threats?

NM: The key thing that igaming operators need to be considerate of is making sure they’ve got control over their data.

They need to know what the data is, where it is stored, they must have the right back-up solutions in place, and they need to identify whether that solution needs to be an on-premise back-up solution.

The important thing is getting igaming and sports betting operators back online if they do get attacked. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of if they are attacked, it’s a case of when.

Everyone is going to face some form of cybersecurity threats at one point or another – how they manage those threats is critical.

NEXT: For those companies looking to scale up their business, or perhaps enter new regulated gaming markets, how can having the correct data/cloud set-up help iGaming operators to streamline their market entry?

NM: Once igaming operators have designed the technology stack around the data in the cloud, they can replicate that in different markets as they continue to scale up. That is one of our USPs at Fujitsu.

We have a product called Prime Flex, which is a tried and tested solution that organisations can buy as part of a package.

That solution can then be rolled out in whatever jurisdiction or location that they may be operating in; it is a global support contract that we offer, so that can really help operators looking to enter newly regulated markets.

Nick McDonald is an accomplished account director with seven years of experience in the iGaming industry heading up the iGaming team within Fujitsu. Nick has worked with some of the largest platform providers in the space and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for clients.

As an expert in the field focused on Data and Hybrid cloud solutions, Nick McDonald is well-versed in the latest industry trends and best practices with a passion for delivering flexible and reliable technology solutions globally, and has a keen eye for identifying opportunities to help drive growth and revenue in the iGaming space through technology.

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