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Giorgi Samkharadze, head of broadway platform at SPRIBE, walks us through the recent launch of the company’s new one-stop-shop platform, highlighting some of the challenges, and more importantly the opportunities, of shifting from a games developer to a platform provider.

NEXT: For those that might not know, can you introduce us to the Broadway Platform? What does this entail?

GS: Launched last week, the Broadway Platform is a comprehensive digital solution that has been designed specifically for the online gaming and betting industry.

It aims to serve as a foundational technology stack that enables operators to deliver a wide range of gaming and betting experiences to their customers. This includes everything from casino games to sports betting, all integrated into a single, seamless platform.

The goal is to provide a robust, scalable and flexible solution that can adapt to the evolving needs of operators and their users. In addition to offering sports betting and casino solutions, we also provide CMS, CRM, affiliate, risk management and gamification tools.

NEXT: Why has now been the right time to make your move into the platform development space?

GS: What we have found is that many iGaming platforms that are available on the market today are complex and challenging to navigate.

We’re stepping in to revolutionise this! Broadway Platform represents a solution to the obsolete and rigid gaming products that are currently available.

They lag behind in speed and adaptability. But the Broadway Platform is different; we boast the quickest route to market and the most advanced technology.

NEXT: How does SPRIBE’s Broadway Platform plan to stand out in what is very quickly becoming a very saturated market?

GS: SPRIBE’s Broadway Platform plans to distinguish itself by offering unparalleled customisation, scalability and integration capabilities.

Unlike other platforms, Broadway Platform focuses on leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain for enhanced security, fairness and user engagement.

Additionally, SPRIBE’s background in creating popular casino games means that we know just what it takes to deliver unique content offerings that are exclusive to the platform, therefore providing our partners with a competitive edge.

NEXT: Traditionally, SPRIBE has been focused on developing casino games but the launch of Broadway Platform marks a strategic shift for you as a company. How has your experience in games development provided you with a unique perspective on what is needed from a platform provider?

GS: SPRIBE’s experience in developing engaging and successful casino games gives us a unique insight into what makes for compelling content and unique user experiences.

This expertise has been invaluable in designing a platform that not only delivers exceptional performance and reliability but also highlights the importance of user engagement, retention strategies and innovative content delivery.

NEXT: What have been the key challenges that you have faced in this shift from games developer to platform provider? And how have you overcome these hurdles?

GS: Transitioning from a games developer to a platform provider has presented a number of unique challenges, such as scaling the technology infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions and meeting the diverse needs of operators.

SPRIBE has overcome these hurdles by investing in robust technology solutions, building a team of experts in regulatory affairs, and adopting a flexible platform architecture that allows for easy customisation and scalability.

NEXT: Broadway Platform is set to include a sportsbook offering as part of your decision to become somewhat of a ‘one stop shop’ for partners. What opportunities have you identified in the sports betting space?

GS: The sports betting space offers significant opportunities due to its growing popularity and the increasing number of markets beginning to embrace regulation.

By integrating a sportsbook offering, Broadway Platform aims to tap into this expanding market, providing operators with a comprehensive solution that caters to a broader audience.

We have chosen to focus on offering innovative betting products, live betting options, leveraging data analytics to enhance the betting experience and providing the most personalised experiences for bettors.

NEXT: How do you plan to emulate the success you have had in the casino sector in the sports betting space?

GS: To replicate our success in the casino sector, we remain committed to showcasing our ability to innovate, drive user engagement and support our partners’ expansion efforts within the sports betting space.

This includes developing unique betting products, focusing on mobile-first experiences and forming strategic partnerships within the sports industry to offer exclusive content and betting opportunities.

NEXT: SPRIBE has had a hugely successful couple of years, with the launch of Aviator and partnerships with the UFC. What can we expect to see from SPRIBE for the remainder of 2024?

GS: For the remainder of 2024, SPRIBE will focus on expanding the reach and capabilities of our Broadway Platform, forging new partnerships and continuously enhancing our product offerings.

This will include entering new markets, launching innovative features and exploring emerging technologies to stay ahead of industry trends.

The success of Aviator and partnerships like those with the UFC are testament to SPRIBE’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, which will continue to drive our strategy moving forward.

Giorgi Samkharadze, a very talented and outstanding manager with 7+ years of experience in various companies specializing in gambling, is currently leading a new project from the SPRIBE company, while simultaneously being a co-founder of the HawX company, successfully managing a team of 80+ people.

Responsible for processes within the project, product development, growth results and operational issues in the team.

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