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Flutter Entertainment shareholders voted to approve moving the company’s primary listing from London to the New York Stock Exchange at yesterday’s (1 May) annual general meeting.

All resolutions put to the shareholders were comprehensively passed, including the transfer of the firm’s primary listing, which is now expected to take place on 31 May.

Flutter first announced its intention to pursue a primary US listing in January this year, after completing a dual listing between London and New York and removing its shares from the Euronext Dublin in the process.

When announcing its intention to pursue the dual listing in February 2023, Flutter outlined the potential strategic and capital market benefits of a US listing to its shareholders.

Those included an enhanced US profile, better recruitment and retention of US talent, as well as the ability to tap into deeper capital markets.

Board members re-elected

In addition to the transfer of its primary listing to New York, shareholders yesterday approved multiple resolutions including the re-election of Flutter’s board members.

John Bryant, Nancy Cruickshank, Nancy Dubuc, Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson, Alfred Hurley, Peter Jackson, Holly Koeppel, Carolan Lennon and Atif Rafiq were all re-elected as directors of the company.

As previously announced, Richard Flint and David Lazzarato opted not to seek re-election as directors at this year’s AGM and therefore stepped down from the board with effect from the meeting’s conclusion.

As a result, Nancy Cruickshank was elected to replace Lazzarato as chair of Flutter’s risk and sustainability committee, and as a member of the audit committee.

In turn, Cruickshank stood down from the compensation and HR committee to be replaced by Nancy Dubuc, who was also appointed to the risk and sustainability committee, but stepped down from her places on the nominating and corporate governance committee and audit committee.

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