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Holly Koeppel, chair of Flutter Entertainment’s audit committee, has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission ahead of the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

During a Gaming Commission monthly meeting yesterday (25 January), Commission members described Koeppel as a “fierce” executive with “impeccable” background experience.

In addition to her role at Flutter, where she has acted as a senior independent director since 2021, Koeppel is also an independent director of mining company Arch Resources, chair of the audit committee at British American Tobacco, and chair of the governance committee at energy company The AES Corporation.

A lot to take on

Koeppel’s long list of responsibilities was questioned by Gaming Commission members during her suitability assessment in Nevada.

She was asked whether six hours per month, as she had previously stated would be sufficient, was in fact enough time to ensure her role as audit committee chair at Flutter would be carried out correctly.

In response, Koeppel said the job takes “a lot more than six currently.” 

“If things were normal, as in mature processes, it would eventually evolve to that,” she added, but due the company’s rapid rate of growth and change, and amid its upcoming US listing, she currently dedicates closer to four or five days per month to the role.

Despite Flutter’s relative youth as a company, Koeppel did add that the role of audit committee chair is “consistent with what I’ve experienced at other entities,” however.

Further, Koeppel insisted that she would not be able to take on additional responsibilities with other companies under her current workload, “even if I were asked.”

Flutter shareholding

In November last year, Koeppel bought shares in Flutter worth close to £127,000.

The 1,000 shares were bought at a price of £126.52 per share, following a dip in the operator’s share price following the publication of its Q3 2023 financial results.

Today, those shares are worth around £162,000.

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