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Flows is excited to announce a pivotal client signing with Light & Wonder, the global leader in cross-platform games and entertainment.

Flows’ innovative platform will empower Light & Wonder’s new marketing jackpot feature that will be available to its entire global operator network following its up-and-coming launch at G2E Las Vegas 2023.

By utilising Flows’ groundbreaking technology, Light & Wonder will be able to expedite the delivery of key features and applications, orchestrating multifaceted data points from diverse systems seamlessly, optimising go-to-market strategies, and minimising developmental time and operational expenses.

This new deal underscores a mutual commitment to innovation, speed, and efficiency, setting new standards in the iGaming industry.

Flows was built to be the most agnostic piece of software on the market that can sit alongside any other piece of technology that a business has to enable it to innovate freely and without constraint.

Flows, a plug-in no-code platform, supports businesses in accelerating development and fast-tracking integrations in a single interface and workflow automation tool.

The debut of “Flo”, Flows’ voice-activated AI software development tool, marks a pivotal point in digital product development, allowing clients and partners to bring forth innovations swiftly without the encumbrances of conventional development constraints.

Dylan Slaney, CEO iGaming at Light & Wonder, said: “Flows’ avant-garde platform has enabled us to create and launch marketing jackpots at speed and with ease, allowing us to offer a solution to our operators which is both efficient and versatile.

“This is just scratching the surface of the possibilities now available to us through this agreement and I’m excited to work with Flows on many more great initiatives across our business.”

James King, CEO of Flows said: Working with a global leader like Light & Wonder is a testament to the transformative power of Flows. Our shared vision for innovation and excellence will pave the way for unprecedented advancements in the iGaming industry.

“This relationship stands as a beacon of transformative potential when pioneering technology and visionary teams converge, promising a future where the boundaries of digital creation are continually expanded and the essence of innovation is ubiquitously democratised.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing our efforts live on the Light & Wonder stand at G2E next week and then what more we can do together in the near future.”

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