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In NEXT.io‘s ongoing collaboration series with ENV Media, we present regular updates on the “Share of Voice” of the top iGaming operators in Brazil.

The latest instalment analyses a series of key metrics on the top 20 brands operating in Latam’s biggest gaming scene.

Top 20 competitors and the shares they command

In a systematic assessment of market influence (based on eight metrics and 11 specific data series), Betfair comes out on top with a 12.05% online “share of voice” (SoV) in Brazil.

Betano follows with 11.42% and KTO closes out the top 3 with 10.15% online market share. Not far behind, we see global heavyweights like bet365 (8.24%), Betway (7.13%) and Pokerstars (6.98%). According to the tools used – as well as the survey answers – these brands enjoy widespread recognition and trust among Brazilian users.

These figures show a dynamic interplay of brand visibility and engagement within Brazil’s iGaming sector. A closer look at the operators’ digital strategies can explain how they translate into market penetration but much goes to superior SEO, the study authors affirm.

Admittedly, the offline weight and brand presence is somewhat harder to quantify. The likes of TV, billboards and newspaper ads, as well as simple word-of-mouth messages take longer to impact online market shares.

Still, the study reveals that online advertisements have the most weight when discovering new gaming platforms (for 42% of players), followed by social media (24%) and peer recommendations (21%).

Market leaders and trends

Compound share of voice of iGaming operators active in Brazil, tracking for 32 casino-related keywords as shown by Wincher.com. Source: ENV Media, May 2024

Having tracked the brands’ shares since Q4 2023, the study points to significant shifts in the digital footprint of these operators. The market leaders have carved their niches through strategic online engagements and consistent ranking for top generic gaming keywords across both the casino and sports betting macro verticals.

A couple of trends stand out in the study results. Middle-tier brands such as KTO and PokerStars close the gap to global market leaders faster by maintaining faster growth in the past few months. In some cases, they even outrank major competitors in KPIs like social media followers or online visibility for key casino verticals like online slots and live roulette.

The other important conclusion is that emphatically domestic brands like Betnacional, Pixbet, Betsul and F12 still struggle to reach their full potential. This is somewhat surprising, given the dedicated focus they have on Brazil (regardless of company ownership).

In that niche, Esportes da Sorte managed to come closest to its global competitors. Nevertheless, almost all Brazilian brands stand well above their foreign counterparts when it comes to social media following – denoting strong local traction – as shown below.

Data-Based Highlights

The full market study breaks down the operator rankings for every single KPI listed in its methodology. In more pragmatic terms, it points out the leaders in several important categories.

  • Social Media Dominance – Esportes da Sorte emerges as the most followed iGaming brand in Brazil (mostly on Instagram), a testament to its extensive local digital engagement. As already mentioned, the leaders in this segment are all dedicated domestic brands – Pixbet and F12.bet close out the top 3. (As expected, Instagram outnumbers all other SM platforms).
  • Branded Searches – Betano has managed to shoot itself to the top of brand searches from Brazil. This is largely due to the fact that as of May 2024, the Greek-based gaming brand holds the naming rights of practically the entire (major) domestic football landscape – Serie A, Serie B and Copa do Brasil. Bet365 also ranks very highly in brand-related searches, while the top 5 sees Betnacional, Sportingbet and Pixbet all post a consistently strong brand recall among users.
  • Traffic Acquisition – Bet365 enjoys the most substantial share of organic traffic, according to available estimates. Betano is not far behind, although its numbers differ considerably depending on SEO tools used. Betnacional is arguably the third strongest brand in organic traffic hits, underlining its effective SEO strategies and content reach.
Social Media following of major iGaming operators in Brazil. Source: ENV Media

Key takeaways

The Share of Voice study examines the online presence of top gaming operators in Brazil using data from SEO tools, trending keywords, social media, and brand searches. By analysing these factors, the report measures and compares the digital influence of the 20 leading iGaming companies in the Brazilian market.

The rankings unveil the iGaming brands that dominate Brazil’s digital landscape, with a few notable leaders surging ahead due to innovative engagement strategies and solid SEO work behind the scenes.

Betfair and Betano rank above their competitors in the majority of KPIs tracked and reach almost 1 in 8 active gamers in Brazil. Not far behind – between 7% and 10% market share – we see what the report calls middle-tier operators (in the local context) like KTO, bet365, Betway and Pokerstars.

Notably, the latter are catching up to the leaders, especially in early 2024. The digital strategies and execution of these brands significantly influence their market share and online visibility.

The research team will continue studying and tracking these key metrics to provide quarterly updates and keep iGaming stakeholders up to date on the Brazilian market dynamics. While the analysis is also useful as a high-level sectoral overview, it reveals much about granular marketing strategies and applied industry standards that have allowed these brands to have the desired impact on the local market.

ENV Media focuses on digital marketing and data-driven research for the iGaming industry. Its research and SEO teams support a wide range of partners, ensuring their visibility in LATAM and other emerging gaming markets.

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