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Denmark’s self-exclusion system, ROFUS, will include physical stores from 1 October 2023.

This means that those who have registered with ROFUS on or after this date will not only be excluded from online games and physical casinos, but also retail betting shops.

Consumers now looking to place a bet in land-based venues will need to present a new form of Player ID.

This mandatory identification is designed to prevent those who’ve chosen to self-exclude online from easily bypassing the system by gambling in physical outlets.

Users already registered with ROFUS before 1 October 2023 won’t be affected by the new rules unless they choose to renew and amend their registration.

Behind this expansion of ROFUS and the introduction of the Player ID lies a commitment from the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) to safeguard consumers.

Primary goals include enhanced protection for players, ensuring underage individuals don’t access gambling in physical stores, and amplifying efforts to tackle potential match-fixing and money laundering.

The prospect of introducing a mandatory Player ID for the physical betting market was agreed by Danish politicians back in November 2019.

In February 2023, the number of players who had excluded themselves from gambling using the ROFUS self-exclusion register exceeded 40,000.

The land-based casino sector was integrated into ROFUS in 2016.

A legislative change in 2020 required all operators, both online and land-based, to refer to ROFUS in marketing material.

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