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DataDots, a leading provider of data support and engineering solutions, and Optimove, the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, announced a strategic partnership to streamline data integration processes for marketers. The partnership will enable marketers to accelerate and leverage Optimove’s capabilities for personalized customer engagement and real-time marketing strategies.

The partnership addresses three common challenges faced by companies in preparing their data for integration. First, many marketers do not have easy access to data that is often held by third-party data management companies. Second, often brands cannot optimize the organization of data for CRM Marketing. And third, while most brands have strong engineering teams, these teams are taxed with other priorities and cannot allocate enough resources for data analysis. 

DataDots brings its expertise in data organization, engineering, and project management to assist clients in overcoming these hurdles. By providing support in data organization, dealing with third-party providers, and filling gaps in engineering resources, DataDots accelerates and enhances a brand’s readiness to leverage Optimove for marketing success.

“DataDots’ partnership with Optimove will ensure marketers can quickly integrate with the Customer-Led Marketing platform to unlock the full potential of their data,” said Shlomi Shaar, CEO at DataDots. “We help marketers avoid and anticipate roadblocks involved in data integration as we provide tailored solutions to help marketers expedite integration with Optimove.”

Efe Yucemen, director of partnerships EMEA at Optimove, noted, “DataDots can further enhance our clients’ experiences with Optimove. By addressing data integration challenges head-on, we can ensure that marketers have quick access to Optimove’s platform, solutions, and support to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.”

The partnership between DataDots and Optimove underscores a shared commitment to empowering marketers with advanced data integration solutions. Together, they aim to enable companies to leverage Optimove’s platform for personalized customer engagement, real-time marketing, and enhanced business outcomes.

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